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Professional Security Camera Installation: Why It’s Worth It

Laguna Woods Security Cameras

In this ever-changing world we live in today, more than ever we find ourselves looking for ways to stay safe and secure. From learning martial arts to purchasing self-defense gear, it seems as if it still isn’t enough. So we try to find even more ways to protect ourselves, our families, and our properties by […]

Why Does My Security Camera Flicker?

Huntington Beach Security Cameras

If you own business security cameras in Orange County then you are well aware of how valuable they are. Security camera owners are also aware that like any product in this world as time goes by things can go wrong. Finding high quality security cameras can eliminate this problem to a slight degree but even then normal […]

Security Cameras For Harsh Weather Conditions

California Waterproof Security Cameras

In Irvine California we don’t experience the harshest weather in the world, but we can get some pretty viscous rain storms every now and then. On the other hand, we get an occasional heat wave that can cause problems for certain kinds of technology. When it comes to just about anything it doesn’t matter what […]

How Often to Maintain Security Cameras in San Diego

Security Camera Maintenance In San Diego

One of the pitfalls of having a good security system for your business is that you fall into a false sense of absolute zero responsibility. Just because you have high quality business security cameras doesn’t mean you never have to worry about your security system again. Having good video surveillance cameras minimizes your need to […]

Security Requires Service And Attention

The best security system installers in Utah

There are things that we purchase that don’t require a lot of service. A dining set, clothes, or even a book are just a few examples. There are other things however, we purchase that will require maintenance and service to remain functional for what we purchased them to accomplish. These items might include things like […]

Security Camera Video Storage Options In Fullerton

Video Surveillance Options Fullerton

Security cameras in Fullerton are recording their surroundings 24/7. That is a lot of video! Now add on all the video from all over Orange County, all over, Los Angeles, Southern California, and list just gets bigger. Where does all that video surveillance video go? Well, you have options when it comes to security video […]

How Much Energy Do Security Cameras Use?

Security cameras in Irvine CA

When it comes to obtaining the utmost in security, it will behoove you to ensure you have top-notch security cameras. You’ve worked hard to establish your business to have your property destroyed and have your products stolen by criminals. Not to mention, it is imperative to keep your costs down when it comes to insurance. […]

Security Camera Maintenance Cost In Orange County

security camera maintenance cost Orange County

You are already done with the first phase into securing your property after installing a security camera system. However, maintenance is equally important to ensure that the camera works appropriately especially during the warranty period. Security camera maintenance tasks include cleaning the system, adjusting positions and fittings and upgrading software. You are probably wondering about the […]

Security System Question And Answer

Security System Q & A

What kind of maintenance do security cameras need? Most of the time cameras themselves require little to no maintenance. That doesn’t mean that security camera maintenance is unheard of. If it is in IP camera then it may require a software upgrade. You should have your service tech do software upgrades once a year. The DVR or […]

Security Video: Access And Storage

security video access and storage Utah

Just about every industry in the world is going through revolutionary changes due to the advances made in technology. The market of high quality security cameras is no different. With technology getting better and the internet growing more powerful, security camera systems and video surveillance has encountered some new options when it comes to accessing the video and where […]