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Commercial Security Cameras

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security cameras for your business

Why Should You Install Cameras at Your Business?


Cameras for your business


Dramatically reduce your liability in a sexual harassment situation


Cameras for your business


Save money by having your checkers monitored at all times.


Cameras for your business


Substantially reduce liability by catching accidents on video, providing you with the facts to protect yourself.


Cameras for your business


Reduce inventory shrinkage by catching shoplifters and untrustworthy employees in the act of theft and being able to prove it.


Cameras for your business

Reduce Workers' Compensation

Reduce Workers’ Compensation claims by having high-definition video evidence of everything in your facility.


Cameras for your business

Increase Peace
of Mind

Boost your peace of mind by knowing what is going on anywhere in your building right from your smart phone.


Cameras for your business


Protect yourself from frivolous lawsuits brought against your company.


Cameras for your business

Guarantee Compliance

Guarantee compliance with alcohol and food handler’s regulations through video surveillance.


Cameras for your business


Massively improve profit and productivity in your production process and work flow through video analysis.

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Where To Put Cameras


If an intruder sees a security camera, they move on to the next location. They do not want their illegal activity to be caught on tape. Make sure that you place a waterproof camera in plain sight outdoors so that an intruder is immediately aware that you are recording them.


At all doors, windows, garages, etc. you should have a security camera. This will give you a view of the intruder no matter how they enter your building. Make sure that you put a camera inside of entrances as well, like in the reception area and customer interaction points, so that you get many different shots of the intruder.


You should always put cameras near your office valuables, such as safes, cash boxes, supply rooms, electronics, etc. This includes warehouses and loading docks. Make sure that you place it in a location with the widest view so that you can see many points of interest at once.


To protect you and your employees, put floodlights and security cameras in places like parking lots, back alleys, dumpsters, secluded hallways, etc. You can dissuade vandalism, theft, and other criminal activities. In fact, many employees steal from their employers by throwing something away in the dumpster and then retrieving it later. Monitoring your dumpster will discourage such activity.

A Caution:

You are not allowed, by law, to put cameras in private areas, such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and in some states, even break rooms. Make sure that you are respecting your employees privacy by not putting cameras in locations where privacy is expected. While you are not required by law in most states to let employees know about your cameras, it is always a good idea, as hidden cameras can be interpreted as an invasion of privacy. Courts tend to rule on the side of the employee when it comes to this subject.
point to point network bridge

Utilizing a Point to Point Network Bridge to reach new places

A network bridge is a critical component in setting up many cctv systems today.  It allows you to extend a network to a pole, a building, or other structure without having to physically run a wire.  As long as there is a clear line of sight without obstructions, these bridges can transfer encrypted video data back to the base of the network where the footage can be recorded.  There are two circumstances where a Network Bridge is critical to the success of a project.  The first is when the cost of getting a wire to another location is prohibitive.  (Like over a road, railroad, etc.)  The other circumstance is when distance becomes an issue.  When running devices over a network we are limited to about 320 feet.  The wireless point to point bridge allows us to cover greater distances without the need of multiple switches and wire. 

Dixon Security has over a decade of experience setting up network bridges all over the mountain west.  The furthest distance we have successfully installed without complications is just over two miles.

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