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Video Surveillance Systems For Residents And Businesses in Fullerton

As a front runner in the industry of video surveillance systems, security camera maintenance, and CCTV installation we are here to make Fullerton safer. At Dixon Security Cameras we are here to decrease the risk of homes and businesses from being harmed by crime and legal liabilities. 

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Security camera installation
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Video surveillance systems
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Security camera installation and repair
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Residential security camera systems
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Free security camera consultation
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CCTV setups and monitoring
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Do you have more questions about security cameras in Fullerton? Let us help!


Security Cameras Systems For Businesses

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Affordable business security cameras

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Commercial security camera supplier

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Business security camera repairs

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Wireless security cameras installation

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Warehouse security camera systems

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CCTV systems for all business types

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Are you curious as to how much business security cameras cost? We can help!

CCTV System

CCTV Video

Remote Camera Monitoring

Business owners and residents here in Fullerton understand how important CCTV and video surveillance is. We provide our expert services from our highly-trained technicians for both security camera installation, positioning, and after purchase service. We provide kind and friendly customer service that is accompanied by our industry leading expertise.

Video Surveillance Systems

Business Security Cameras In Fullerton

Video surveillance systems in Fullerton can be one of the most effective ways to keep your business assets safe. If you can rely on an experience business security camera company to provide 5-star security camera installation, sales, camera maintenance, and repairs then you will have nothing to worry about. Security cameras can protect you from frivolous legal claims, loss from theft, vandalism, burglary, workman’s comp, and even unproductive employees.


We get it, running a business in Fullerton, CA can be hard! With everything from satisfying customers, keeping the right personnel, theft, vandalism, property damages, and more there is plenty to keep you up at night. We want to help mitigate some of those fears for the good business owners here in Fullerton. 

Dixon Security provides the very best security cameras to Fullerton and the surrounding areas. These include security camera systems, the latest in CCTV, motion detection security cameras, remote video access, and more.


Business Security

At Dixon Security we offer the complete spectrum of business security camera needs from consulting, to integration, installation, and post purchase service. We are proud of our work in Fullerton because it keeps business owners protected at all times.


Remote Video

Remote Video Access

Remote video access is one of the most in demand features when it comes to business security cameras in Fullerton. We understand that people want to be able to check own their assets from their phone, laptop, tablet, or any other mobile device. Keeping an eye on what you love is one of the reasons that we are here. 



Maintenance & Repair

At Dixon Security we offer a FLAT RATE for security camera maintenance and repairs. To our expert technicians, often times the repairs that are causing our customers grief are easy and quick fixes. We offer friendly and knowledgable customer service to help keep your cameras running smoothly. 


Camera Sales

Camera Sales & Consulting

Many people like to take care of the security camera installation on their own. If this is you, then we still want to make sure that you get the best security cameras for your specific needs. Our security camera consulting revolves around listening to you and making sure you have the tools to get the most out of your video surveillance system.


Video Surveillance


A business video surveillance system is the first step an Fullerton business owner needs to take to reduce internal and external risk, improve the safety and efficiency of company operations, and protect company assets.


Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

In some circumstances, hidden security cameras are the best options. If you need a covert way to continue your video surveillance then we will have the answer for you. Whether it is motion detecting security cameras, nanny cams, or good ole fashion hidden security cameras we are here to help.


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