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Protect Your Home or Business with Security Cameras in Whittier

At Dixon Security we make it our mission to keep businesses and homes in Whittier safe from theft, fraudulent and frivolous law suits, property damage and more. We do this by providing our expertise in security cameras, CCTV, security camera installation, maintenance, and repairs, and so much more.
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Security camera maintenance
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Affordable security camera systems
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Remote access video footage
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CCTV installation services
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We are here to answer any question you might have about business security cameras or video surveillance for your home.


Business Security Camera Systems

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Low cost business security cameras

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Business security camera installation and maintenance

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Motion detecting video surveillance cameras

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CCTV camera systems

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Warehouse security cameras

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Multi-business video surveillance systems

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Want to know how much business security cameras in Whittier cost? Contact us today!

CCTV System

CCTV Video Surveillance Systems

Remote Access Video Footage

When you own a business you are often times worried about it when you are not in the office. It might be time to consider updating your CCTV cameras and get what will soon be your favorite benefit, remote video access. Remote access security cameras in Whittier are becoming more and more popular. Now, as long as you have an internet hook up you will be able to keep your eye on your business assets.

Video Surveillance Technology

Business Security Camera Systems

Owning a business in Buena Park means that you have some valuable assets to protect. Video surveillance and security camera installation can help you protect your business in a way nothing else can. This technology can greatly decrease your risk of theft, worker’s compensation claims, vandalism/property damages, and even losses incurred by unproductive employees. Security cameras just might be the right answer to help with all of these.
Video Surveillance


We understand that owning your own business is tricky. Especially as you begin to grow and bring in more people, you worry more and more about your business. At Dixon Security Cameras, we love being able to help mitigate some of the stresses of running a business by making it easy for you to always keep your eye on what is going on. With business security cameras you can decrease your risk of theft, burglary, vandalism, frivolous law suits, property damage, and more. 


Business Security

We work hard in order to provide you with the very best options when it comes to business security cameras. From wireless security cameras to complex CCTV networks we want to keep your business in Whittier, CA safe. With Dixon Security, you can make that happen.


Remote Video

Remote Video Access

In today’s fast paced business world it is important to be able to take your business with you wherever you go. With remote access video cameras you can now view your security camera footage from anywhere with an internet connection. Keep your eyes on what you love with high quality security cameras with remote access features.



Maintenance & Repair

We offer fast security camera maintenance and repair because we understand that you’re not getting all the benefits you deserve when your security cameras aren’t working properly. Security camera repair in Buena Park is our specialty. Give us a call to learn more about our FLAT RATE fee that will be able to get your video surveillance system up and running the way they should.


Camera Sales

Camera Sales & Consulting

If you are the kind of person who wants to install their own security cameras then we want to make sure that you get the very best security cameras for your needs. Whether you need a full video surveillance system or just a simple wireless security camera we are here to help.


Video Surveillance


One of the best things that you can do to protect your business from the many dangers that are out there to always be keeping an eye on it. Video surveillance cameras have so many benefits. They decrease your liability, they ward off potential crimes, and they even help catch criminals after something happens.


Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

Hidden security cameras in Whittier can sometimes be the very best option. Depending on what your needs are, covert video surveillance can be very helpful when it comes to keeping an eye on either your home or business. 


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