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Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems help protect your business both from internal and external threats. They not only give you a way to catch criminals in the act, but can prevent illegal activity in the first place. Having a surveillance system at your business can also help improve efficiency of your company’s operations and help resolve conflicts that arise.
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Caught In The Act

Many people choose to install a video surveillance system to catch perpetrators of crime right in the act. You will have video evidence to assist the police to catch those who broke-in, shoplifted, or vandalized your business. Unfortunately, crime doesn’t just happen by visitors to your business, worker theft accounts for nearly 62% of all retail theft (retail theft accounts for nearly $42 billion of loss a year). Having a surveillance system will help you catch thieves, vandals, and other criminals red handed.

Preventing Crime

Surveillance systems can also deter criminals. If visitors to your retail store know that they are being monitored, they will be less likely to commit a crime. Install your video surveillance system where it can easily be seen by visitors, and put up signs letting people know that they are on camera.

Conflict Resolution

If questions arise between you and a customer, or among employees, you can use the surveillance system to resolve those conflicts. For example, if something around the office or store goes missing, you can check the cameras to see who had it last, and where it ended up. Or if a customer complains that they were not helped within the first ten minutes of their arrival, you can confirm or deny their story with the tapes.

Improve Efficiency

You can use video surveillance to keep an eye on your employees. You can catch negative behavior such as slacking off or stealing, but you can also reward positive behavior such as going above and beyond the call of duty. If employees know that they are on camera, they will be on their best behavior.
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