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Security Cameras That Protect Your Home or Business in Anaheim

At Dixon Security Cameras we pride ourselves on being a frontrunner in the security camera in video surveillance industry in Anaheim. We use our top of the line video surveillance, security systems, security camera installation, camera repair and maintenance, and more to protect you home, business, and other important assets.
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Security camera sales
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Expert security camera installation
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Security camera maintenance and repair
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Low priced security cameras
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CCTV system installation
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At Dixon Security Cameras we are ready for any question you might have about video surveillance.


Commercial Security Cameras Installation In Anaheim

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Business security cameras

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Affordable security camera systems for businesses

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Security camera installation and repair

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Motion detecting commercial security cameras

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Wireless security cameras capabilities

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Warehouse & storage unit security cameras

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Remote video access business cameras

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Are you wondering how much business security cameras cost in Anaheim? We can help with that!

CCTV System

CCTV Cameras in Anaheim

Remote Camera Footage Access

More and more people are turning to the experts at Dixon Security for their help with security camera installation and CCTV systematics. CCTV maintenance and repair is very common since a lot of CCTV systems are old. Our expert technicians are here to help answer questions and use their persona customer service and security camera expertise in order to help.

Video Surveillance

Business Security Camera Systems

Business owners in Anaheim are beginning to use security camera systems more and more. It is extremely important to partner with a good video surveillance expert who can answer your question about all your security camera needs. This can lead to better protection from vandalism, fraudulent lawsuits, workman’s comp claims, theft, and so much more.
Video Surveillance


Many business owners worry about things that can be minimized with the presence of good business security cameras. Security cameras in Anaheim help give business owners a peace of mind when it comes to their employees, theft, property damage, vandalism, and so much more. Being able to monitor your business from anywhere in the world will work wonders for you.

What is important to us is making sure that these business owners have the right security cameras for them. Security camera technology changes just as much as any other tech and having an expert security camera technician will help get you ready to have you mind put at ease with all the great benefits of business security cameras.  


Business Security

Security cameras in Anaheim are so important that we choose to offer a very large area of options and services for business owners in Orange County. These include security camera installation, camera positioning, support, security camera consulting, and so much more.


Remote Video

Remote Video Access

Whether on your laptop, your phone, tablet, or other mobile device you should be able to keep an eye on you business or home. With the majority of the security camera systems we offer you will be able to check you security camera footage remotely no matter where you are in the world (provided you have an internet connection.)



Maintenance & Repair

Like most technology in the world security cameras need maintenance from time to time. Security camera repairs in Anaheim don’t need to be very expensive. Next time you are in need of some help, give our technicians a call in order to learn more about our FLAT RATE maintenance so that we can help you get back to enjoying the benefits of your security cameras.


Camera Sales

Camera Sales & Consulting

At Dixon Security Cameras we want to make sure that you have the security cameras that are going to best meet your needs. There are so many different features and benefits out there amongst the wide array of security cameras that it may be hard to know what camera is right for you. Our security camera experts are here to offer security camera consulting in order to help you get the best cameras for you.


Video Surveillance


Good video surveillance in Anaheim means that the important things in your home or business have an eye on them at all times. If you need business security cameras in order to help you feel more confident that the things you care about are being watched over than video surveillance will make that a whole lot easier.


Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

Hidden security cameras in Anaheim are becoming more popular but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are the right fit for you. What is most important to us is that whatever security cameras you end up with meet your needs. If you need covert video surveillance then we have a wide array of hidden security cameras that will be sure to get the job done.


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