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Security Camera Systems Protecting Your Home or Business in La Habra

As one of the leaders in security cameras and video surveillance systems in La Habra, CA Dixon Security Cameras is helping to keep your home or business safe. We can protect you from theft, law suits, and other risks using our top of the line security cameras, video surveillance systems, security camera installation, security camera maintenance and more.

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Quality security camera installation
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Security camera maintenance and repair
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Home security systems
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Affordable security cameras
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CCTV cameras and installation
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We can answer all your questions regarding security cameras and home and business security cameras


Business Security Cameras Installation

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Commercial security camera supplier

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Affordable business security cameras

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Business security camera installation and repair

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Motion detecting security cameras

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Wireless security cameras

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Warehouse & storage unit security cameras

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Multi-business CCTV systems and installation

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Need to know the price of a business security system in La Habra? We can help!

CCTV System

CCTV Cameras and Installation

Remote Camera Monitoring

Business owners and residents in La Habra turn to Dixon Security for CCTV security cameras, installation, and CCTV service and maintenance after purchasing CCTV systems. Our expert and highly trained security camera technicians are quick, friendly and love to answer questions as well as provide installation and repair when you need it. Finally business owners in La Habra can keep an eye on their business and business assets remotely from their home or while on vacation.

Video Surveillance

Business Video Surveillance Systems

Business owners in La Habra require video surveillance systems to keep their business assets safe. It is important to have the experience and help of a company who specializes in video surveillance maintenance, security camera sales, and video surveillance installation. Video Surveillance systems in La Habra can greatly decrease the chances of theft, improper lawsuits, claims for workers comp, vandalism, and even trespassing. A quality video surveillance system from Dixon Security can also give business owners a better chance at protecting himself from losses from employee theft and low productivity.
Video Surveillance


We can be honest, owning a small business in La Habra can be hard. There are a lot of steps to complete to doing business in La Habra than you might think. Business owners worry about increasing government regulations, customer satisfaction, hiring and maintaining personnel, and losses due to damage, crime or theft, among other security issues. The upside to this is that there is something you can do to help yourself out. The answer, a video surveillance system from Dixon Security Cameras.

Here at Dixon Security Cameras we provide La Habra and the surrounding cities, businesses, and home owners with the latest in security camera technology. These include the latest CCTV, DVR/NVR cameras, Linux stand alone security cameras, remote video access security cameras and so much more. We even have a large array of covert hidden security cameras for the professionals we want a discreet way to monitor their business. 


Business Security

At Dixon Security Cameras we provide a wide array of business security solutions such as cameras, security camera consulting, integration, set up, installation, support, and so much more. We want to save La Habra business owners from the headaches of DIY security systems.


Remote Video

Remote Video Access

In the world we live in doing anything remotely is essential to success. Whether you are at home, on your laptop, on vacation, or wherever, you can check on your home or buisness with remote access business security cameras.



Maintenance & Repair

Security camera maintenance is very important because a security camera does little good if it is not working. Security camera repair in La Habra is something our expert technicians can fix very quickly. Give us a call about our FLAT RATE maintenance fees that will keep your security cameras up and running. 


Camera Sales

Camera Sales & Consulting

If you are the kind of person who insists on doing it yourself then we want to make sure you get the best equipment for you.  Speaking with one of our security camera experts will help you make an educated decision when buying video surveillance systems for your home or business. We understand all the pros and cons of HD-SDI, analog, TVI, and CVI security cameras. We also understand features, placement techniques, and lighting. Give us a call so that we can make sure you are installing the right cameras. 


Video Surveillance


Having a business video surveillance system is the first step when it comes to La Habra business owners protecting their business assets. Video surveillance has to power to give peace of mind to anyone who has an area they want to be able to keep a special eye on (no matter how large that area is.)


Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

If the circumstances are right hidden security cameras can be just the right fit. Our security camera technicians can help you know if motion detecting security cameras, hidden cameras, or nanny cameras are right for you. We offer sales and/or consulting for hidden cameras.


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