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Even the simplest job can turn into a disaster without the proper tools and knowledge base. Our professionals understand technology, wiring, how security systems work, and have extensive experience installing security cameras. The camera systems that we sell and install have been chosen because they are priced right, have easier software for many of our customers to understand and learn, DO NOT require licensing fees per camera, and provide a beautiful picture quality and combination of features that really help our clients.

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Why Should I Hire a Pro?

While security camera installation can be a DIY project, many people who try to do it themselves miss the mark. Common mistakes include: not installing enough cameras, not having the right tools for clean installation, not buying the right cameras for their needs on specific shots, bad camera placement due to lighting and camera lens depth, and no understanding of networking and software. With our team of professionals, you won’t have to worry about these common mistakes as well as have the assurance that our team installing your cameras is taking into account numerous factors when securing your business or home.

Technology is a rapidly changing field full of many consumer landmines. New terms like VIDEO ANALYTICS, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, 4K RESOLUTION, CLOUD RECORDING, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, FACIAL RECOGNITION, TWO WAY AUDIO, and REMOTE NOTIFICATION are just a few of the newer terms and phrases that have become popular in the last few years. Some technologies sound great on the surface but don’t really solve problems. Others are still being perfected. Some require additional investment and hefty price tags to get them to work properly. Some people foolishly buy new technology too early and end up being the frustrated beta testers at a heavy price.

As Security Camera Professionals here at Dixon Security, we will help you sort through what you NEED and not have you paying for what you don’t. We will help you scale a security camera system to get you maximum benefits within the budget that you have. We will also help you to incorporate security into your daily operation so that you will get a return on your investment in short order.

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Professional installers also know the right kind of camera and recording systems you will need and which ones are compatible with each other. See our blog post all about the new 4K security cameras and what to know before you buy.