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4K Security Cameras Beware

There is a new buzz word in the camera industry and it is being used more and more by unscrupulous manufacturers that want to prey on people that don’t have a great grasp of camera technology. Buzz words have been the way to sell electronics for twenty years now. With computers, we have RAM, Hard Drive, Processor, and even graphics card. The camera industry usually picks up some of the same buzz words that pop up with the computers and the televisions. I have noticed a lot of 4K cameras being sold in big box retail and the online marketplace in some of the cheap online kits. Have you ever heard the phrase “Too Good to be True?” Most of these are not real 4K cameras. Some have certain specs that allow them to put that kind of a label, but they use cheap chipsets and lenses to save costs so that the picture quality isn’t that great. There was a big problem with this same sort of thing when the cameras were first going to High Definition or HD. Real 4K or 8MP Cameras are available from legitimate manufacturers in a price range from about $250 to $600 depending on the features. I have some great 8MP VF Bullet cameras for $325 that some of our clients have started putting in for license plate areas.

If you want to be sure that a camera is actually the quality it claims, stop by our shop and we will show you different camera resolutions side by side so you will know what you are buying. It is hard to be sure if your eye is not trained to see the difference. The difference in quality, can be the difference between having the license plate or a fuzzy image that won’t help.

The standard right now for new installations in the camera industry is 4MP Cameras. If someone doesn’t specify that they want to go cheaper or more expensive, I will usually quote out 4MP. A 4 MP camera has a great HD picture. If you take an 8MP Camera and look at it side by side with a 4MP however, the difference is striking. Remember that when you buy electronics, buy from a trusted source and you don’t have to guess if you are really buying what is advertised. Read testimonials and customer reviews of security cameras to make sure you are getting the best product.  Service after the sale is also a must with electronics. If you try to buy electronics for too cheap, there will be little to zero tech support on the back end. Be smart, talk with a professional.

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