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Security Video: Access And Storage

Just about every industry in the world is going through revolutionary changes due to the advances made in technology. The market of high quality security cameras is no different. With technology getting better and the internet growing more powerful, security camera systems and video surveillance has encountered some new options when it comes to accessing the video and where it can be stored. In access and storage of security footage, there are newer ways to do both, but just because they are newer doesn’t mean that they are the best option for your home or business. 


Remote access security cameras connecting over the internet is not based on a special type of camera. All the cameras I have mentioned in this book will connect over the internet. The key to remote access over the internet is having internet at the location of the cameras and the ability to program either a camera or recorder for this feature. In most cases, the recorder is plugged into the local router or switch to a router through an ethernet cable. The router is then programmed with port forwarding to the recorder to direct specific internet traffic right to the recorder when someone requests access through a phone, computer, or tablet.

There are four pieces of information that are needed to access cameras remotely.

1. IP address
2. Port number
3. Username
4. Password 

It is necessary to have internet access at the place where the cameras are if you want to have remote access. The purpose of this guide is not to teach how to network their own cameras. It is however, important to understand what will be needed before you make a purchase.


Since 2004, when I started in this industry, I have witnessed many attempts to monetize cameras into a monthly payment. Cloud Storage is one of the first ones that has made sense to me personally. There are advantages to cloud storage. Some of those advantages include the following:

  • Off-site storage to prevent theft of evidence
  • No Hard drive failures
  • Unlimited back up

On the other hand, the reasons some people, myself included, still prefer local storage are:

  • Recording is not dependent on internet access
  • Customer has full control of data to delete
  • No monthly fees, only a one-time cost

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