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Security Requires Service And Attention

There are things that we purchase that don’t require a lot of service. A dining set, clothes, or even a book are just a few examples. There are other things however, we purchase that will require maintenance and service to remain functional for what we purchased them to accomplish. These items might include things like cars, appliances, and especially computers. Can you imagine buying a car and then never getting it tuned or serviced until one day it broke down and left you stranded on the side of the road. That would be like going to the Dentist ONLY when you have a tooth ache.

 Many of us are very vigilant with our cars to prevent unwanted problems. We get our cars serviced before a trip just to try and prevent a problem from happening at an untimely moment. When it comes to our computers, we are constantly downloading updates for our software as well. Still, I am constantly finding people that purchase security cameras with the idea that they will put them up and forget about them. (If you look at the state of many existing security camera systems you know that many small business owners forgot about them a long time ago.)  And video surveillance is not something you want to forget about.

Security Cameras, like computers and cars, need regular service to remain optimized for your business. The recording part of the system, sometimes called a DVR or and NVR is a computer. The hard drive could fail causing the unit not to record, the time and date could be wrong, a motion setting might be set wrong or not sensitive enough, or the actual power could even be unplugged. (This happens more than you think.) A simple check of the system on a weekly basis to check a recording of anything could make sure that everything is performing like it is supposed to. 

It is better to find a problem in this manner during a routine check, then after a critical event happens and you learn that you don’t have the video evidence that you need. Most security cameras themselves don’t need a lot of individual maintenance, but the recorder and the deployment of the cameras need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Businesses are usually in a constant state of change. Whether it is moving a rack or shelving around, decorating for different times of the year, or adding new landscaping, changes will affect the accuracy of your camera shots. Adjustments need to be made at times. Creating a semi-annual security review will ensure that the security camera system you are relying on to protect you from a lawsuit or false claim will be watching the areas that you need when something happens. Five of the most common problems I encounter are:

1. Plants and landscaping have grown and are now blocking part or even all the camera view that was intended.

2. Things have been moved in the business and now certain cameras are looking at an obsolete area.

3. Personnel changes have occurred, and the new people do not know how to use the system.

4. An individual camera has interference or no signal, but nobody has called to have it fixed, leaving a liability.

5. Nobody has checked a recording on the DVR or NVR in a year or more and the hard drive failed or froze due to a power surge. The recorder has not been recording in months.

It is important to understand that the reason for the Security Cameras in the first place is to be prepared for the unexpected. To be prepared requires a constant state of readiness and effort. When we become too lax in our attitude toward Security, then we defeat the purpose we put the investment into cameras in the first place.

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