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Security Camera Maintenance In San Diego

How Often to Maintain Security Cameras in San Diego

One of the pitfalls of having a good security system for your business is that you fall into a false sense of absolute zero responsibility. Just because you have high quality business security cameras doesn’t mean you never have to worry about your security system again. Having good video surveillance cameras minimizes your need to check on your business security and even makes it much easier, but it does not eliminate it.

Regular Security Camera Maintenance

Security camera maintenance in San Diego is important because it assures you that you system is working the way it should. If you haven’t checked your security cameras in a while and there is a mechanical error, it doesn’t matter how nice your security cameras are, you won’t be getting the benefits. In order to get all the benefits of business security cameras you need to regularly check and make sure they are working just fine. 

The most important security camera maintenance will be done by you. We say most important because if done properly it can prevent the big and expensive problems. The great part about this maintenance is that it is not very time consuming at all. The first step in this check is log in and make sure you can see everything you’re supposed to be able to see. After that, check the batteries and/or cables. Make sure the cables aren’t frayed or coming loose. If it is a battery, check how much life it has left. We recommend doing this at least every 4 -6 months. 

Next, give your cameras a little shake and make sure there is no motion at all. When business security cameras are able to move and wiggle even a little it means that there is potential for it to turn into a much bigger problem down the road. In San Diego, our weather can be bright and sunny one day and then heavy rain the next. Luckily, we have more sunshine then rain but with each storm a loose camera gets closer and closer to malfunction.

Talk To A Security Camera Expert

The best way to know how often you should do maintenance on your security cameras is to talk to a professional. If I asked you how often I should do maintenance, your answer would change depending on if I said I had a 1990 Volkswagen or a 2018 Toyota. Similarly, with video surveillance cameras the style, age, and model of your camera make a difference. An expert will be able to give you personalized recommendations on how often you should service your business security cameras in San Diego.

Security Camera Installation

Our final tip for you when it comes to security camera maintenance is make sure that your cameras are installed properly. Security camera installation is perhaps the most important part of getting a video surveillance system. If the cameras are not installed properly it opens up the door for more problems. Good installation will minimize the need for repair and maintenance in the future. 

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