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Security System Question And Answer

What kind of maintenance do security cameras need?

Most of the time cameras themselves require little to no maintenance. That doesn’t mean that security camera maintenance is unheard of. If it is in IP camera then it may require a software upgrade. You should have your service tech do software upgrades once a year. The DVR or NVR however, should be checked out on a weekly basis to make sure that the hard drive is working and that everything is functioning properly. Although it is rare, hard drives do die on occasion. It is better to find out something like that on a routine check then when you are trying to pull footage after an incident and find that you have no data of the event. Now this isn’t something that you need to call a professional for. Just simply look at a recorded event on your phone or on the recorder directly. If it pulls up then everything is working properly. If your screen freezes up or you don’t get the data, it is time to make a phone call.

This past week I had a client that had not looked at his cameras in over eight months. His business was robbed. When he went to pull the footage he found that his hard drive was not working. It had failed some time ago and he had never noticed. I hate it when that happens. Please check your systems on a regular basis just to make sure.

Where do Security Cameras get their power?

Security cameras do not need to be installed near a power outlet because we bring the power to the camera with the same cable that we bring the video back to the recorder. Whether you are using an RG59 Combo cable, Cat 5E, or Cat 6, the low voltage power and video will use the same cable. Please don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to install power outlets all around the home or building.

Are Vandal Dome Cameras worth the money?

The short answer is No. Many companies try to sell vandal dome cameras claiming that they can withstand a hammer or someone hitting the camera with a rock. I have seen videos of people even driving over a camera with a car. The question I always ask is WHY? If someone wants to disable a camera it is as simple as covering the lense with a sticker or something else. The lens has to see. Even if the camera is up high, it is susceptible to a paintball gun or a laser pointer. Do yourself a favor and save your money. Video surveillance is not something you want to waste money on. 

What do I need to see my Security Cameras through my phone?

If you are using a traditional closed circuit television or security camera system with a DVR or NVR recorder then you will need to have that recorder hooked up to internet where it is installed. You will also need to have an app downloaded on your smartphone. Most of these apps require a username, password, ip address, and port. This information is usually setup in your app when the camera system is installed. If any of these four items change, if your router is changed or reset, or if you lose power to the router or recorder, you will lose connectivity through your phone. Because of the many things that can go wrong, it is better to have a professional technician or IT person troubleshoot the reason if it isn’t something simple like power.

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