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Why Does My Security Camera Flicker?

If you own business security cameras in Orange County then you are well aware of how valuable they are. Security camera owners are also aware that like any product in this world as time goes by things can go wrong. Finding high quality security cameras can eliminate this problem to a slight degree but even then normal wear and tear will come to the software and hardware of your security cameras. To expect otherwise is to say you want your new iPhone to run the exact same 8 years from now as it did the day you took it out of the box.

Why Is My Security Camera Flickering?

One of the most common things for all different makes and models of security cameras to do is flicker. For the purposes of this blog let’s say that “to flicker” means either that the lights on the lenses are going on and off OR that the security camera footage in cutting in and out. We have clients who use the word flicker in both of these cases so we will just address them both.

Like most technology, there can be a number of ways for the tech to malfunction. Luckily, when it comes to security camera maintenance in Huntington Beach they are usually easy solutions. Flickering security cameras can be caused by a number of thing. Including but not limited to:

– In sufficient power to the security camera
– Changing light conditions
– Poor security camera installation
-Damaged connections or cables
-Aging or out-of-date security camera equipment

Resolving Security Camera Problems.

In order to determine why your security camera is flickering you will want to start by checking on the things we just mentioned. Unfortunately, a majority of the time the problem is not easy to spot to the untrained eye. It is likely that you are going to need to call a security camera maintenance specialist to come and take a look at your video surveillance system. Contacting a security camera expert in Huntington Beach is a great idea because the problem will likely get resolved much quicker then if you tried to figure it out on your own. This saves you from wasting time trying to figure it out and the risk of ongoing lack of video surveillance. 

The biggest benefit to calling a security camera maintenance expert is that they will be able to tell you the exact problem but also give you recommendations for the future. Sure, you might be able to catch the problem this time but if there is a systematic error in your security cameras, how long will it be till you are back trying to fix them again? Security camera consultants can help you understand the current state of your security camera installation, wiring, cabling, network settings, software, and so much more. Give them a call to both fix your security camera problems now and prevent them in the future. 

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