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Security Camera Blog

Security cameras in Irvine CA

How Much Energy Do Security Cameras Use?

When it comes to obtaining the utmost in security, it will behoove you to ensure you have top-notch security cameras. You’ve worked hard to establish your business to have your property destroyed and have your products stolen by criminals. Not to mention, it is imperative to keep your costs down when it comes to insurance.

When it comes to purchasing business security cameras of high-quality, you showing insurance companies that your business has lower risks. And thus, your insurance rates won’t be as high as they would be when there are more risks associated with your company.

Another way, to ensure you have lower business costs is by using a superior security camera system that won’t use that much energy. Energy costs can be very costly when not using preventive measures to get the best value possible.

Power Consumption of Security Cameras

Having said this, the amount of energy security cameras use depends on the type of camera. There are some surveillance cameras that come with specifications relating to ower consumption. The following are some security cameras along with their power consumption:

Reolink RLC-410 IP wireless 5MP HD- less than 8W

A Hikvision DVR- 40 watts with a maximum running of 100~240VAC, 6.3A

A Dahua DVR runs on DC12V/5A, utilizing 60 watts.

The Benefits of Security Cameras

In addition to the obvious benefits of surveillance cameras, including having the protection of your property and your products, and having a reduction in insurance costs, there are are other benefits which are:

Employee Theft

Around 75% of employees steal, according to the US Department of Commerce. They will think twice when they detect that there are surveillance cameras. And when it comes to security cameras in Irvine, being that this city is part of Los Angeles, it is crucial to have the top-notch security system. However, employees will think twice about stealing when there is a security camera system.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

It is crucial to protect your employees like it is in protecting your business. So, having security camera installation at exits, entrances, and in parking lots to make a safer work environment. Your staff will be more at ease when they walk to their vehicles after dark, and there will fewer vandalism incidents, vehicle break-ins, and other criminal activity around your store or office.

Preventing Frivolous Lawsuits

In these times, more criminal and fraudulent activity is occurring. From faking a slip-and-fall injury to claims of the company being in-fault due to negligent maintenance, security cameras are perfect against such fraud.

Monitoring the Workflow

You can make sure your employees are working and are not lagging at work. Using the right surveillance cameras will ensure you can see what your employees are doing. You also can review the operation of the business and make more efficient.

Why the Benefits Of Security Cameras Outweigh the Costs

When it comes to having security cameras in Irvine or any other big city, you are saving tons of money compared if you don’t have this product. You will have an image Qualifying Improvement, and more.

If you have a business in Irvine, California and you need security cameras for your business, we are here to serve you. With several years specializing in business security cameras and security camera installation, we have been serving the Irvine area for years and knows what it takes for top-notch security. Contact us today!

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