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Security Camera Blog

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Why Do Businesses Need Security Cameras?

Any business operating without cameras is flying blind and missing out on critical information.  We live in an information age. There is more information available at our fingertips than we could digest over three lifetimes.

Internet companies spend millions developing ways to track our online activities, likes, dislikes, preferences, spending habits, etc. They use that information to develop new products and series we will want. The information gathered is used so companies can make the proper adjustments that will keep them relevant and profitable moving forward. Still, many business owners are missing out on information within their own operations by not having any cameras.

Many business owners think that security cameras are only for security. They brush off the need to document everything insisting that they don’t have a theft problem or a security problem. It is like thinking your smartphone is only for making and receiving phone calls. Cameras don’t physically stop people from doing anything. They do however provide information that can become a business owner’s edge up on the competition and perhaps provide the missing piece to more profits in the long run. 

Security Cameras are good at what we like to call 

The 3 D’s of Security


Through live viewing on monitors and through motion sensing analytics, cameras can bring awareness of things going on in our business that we would have had no idea existed without them. They can deter people from committing crimes or making false accusations. They can document that procedures and policies are being followed when supervisors are not around. Businesses need cameras to not only help with security, but to help with operational flow, training, liability, adherence to safety procedures, food handling requirements, inventory status and control, efficiency, and more. 


1. Have you or an employee ever wandered around the business looking for another employee?

2. Do you have problems with unreported damage to the building or equipment?

3. Do you have unexplained low production in certain areas of your business? 

4. Do you have areas of your business that are off limits to certain personnel?  

5. Do you have personnel that needs to monitor an area outside of their office for quality control or operational supervision? 

6. Do you have something your business that you constantly check on or would benefit from checking on remotely?

7. Do you have a concern you may be sued for a slip and fall or similar type accident?

8. Do you need to know when someone is at the back door for deliveries?These are just a few examples where cameras would be a great solution. Remember, the time to start acquiring the equipment to solve any of these problems isn’t after they have happened. The time to buy a camera to prevent farcical lawsuits is not after someone has fallen. The time to install cameras to help catch/prevent theft is not after assets have been stolen.  Cameras solve many problems that companies have, but they also protect the company from problems that could come in the future.

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