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Which Security Cameras are the Best?

Which Security Cameras Are The Best?

Choosing security cameras for your home or workplace is no easy task. The number of systems on the market is staggering. Which cameras are the best? Is there a system out there that is a cut above the rest?

This is a really tough question to answer. It all depends on what you want, what you need, and how much you are willing to spend. Prices start at about $100 and can climb to $1,000s depending on your needs. Here is a list of features to evaluate when choosing a camera.

What to look for in an outdoor surveillance camera:

  • Is the camera rated weatherproof and waterproof? This may seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to check.
  • Is the camera a dome or bullet style? Both systems work well. Because it’s harder to tell which direction dome cameras are pointing, they may have a slight advantage in stopping potential intruders.
  • How much coverage do I need? The camera’s viewing angle determines how much space the camera will cover. Getting wider angled lenses will cut down the number of cameras required to cover your property.
  • Does the camera have high quality video resolution? You may not think this matters that much but the higher the resolution, the easier images will be to be viewed. You need at least 1080p or higher resolution for the best images. Keep in mind that if you are hooking your camera to a recording device, it has to be HD (high density) compatible to record a high quality image.
  • Does the camera have night vision? Most people buy cameras to monitor at night. If that is one of your needs, make sure to get a camera with infrared (IR) technology, which allows the camera to “see” at night. Consider the number of infrared LEDs used in a camera. The more LEDs, the further the night vision of the camera.
  • Where are you planning on mounting your cameras? On wall or ceiling? The size and shape of cameras may lend themselves to fitting better in certain areas.
  • Does the camera have a good recording capacity? Does the camera have built-in (on board) recording? Does it record to the cloud? Does it have a SD card?
  • Can you access your camera with a mobile device? This can be a great feature to have because so many cameras will live stream to your phone. That way, you can always check on your property when you are away.
  • Do you prefer a wired/wireless system? Wired cameras usually need professional installation and to be plugged in to an outlet but provide sharper pictures than wireless cameras. Wireless cameras are easier to install but require more upkeep. You need to keep checking battery strength and replace when needed. If a battery wears out, you won’t have coverage.
  • Does the camera have energy saving features?
  • Does the camera have pan/tilt/zoom features? Cameras that can be adjusted with a remote control typically deliver the best coverage because of the small adjustments that can be made so easily.

Now that you’ve considered what features you are looking for, consider the following options for cameras. Here are 3 camera options that have many of the features listed above.

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