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Security Camera Blog

where to install security cameras in your office

4 Places To Put Your Office Security Cameras

If you’ve decided to keep your office more safe by installing security cameras, you’re probably wondering where you should put them. Here are 4 locations that you should place security cameras at your business.

Near All Entrances

Anywhere that a burglar or vandal might gain entrance is an important place to put a security camera. This means obvious entrances such as doors and garages, but also less obvious entrances such as windows. Put security cameras around your office facing the main entrance points so that if anyone breaks in, you’ll have footage of their entrance. Also make sure that you put a security camera in the lobby or reception area, or even multiple cameras, so that you can get multiple shots of any intruder.

Where the Valuables Are

If you have anything valuable, from something as seemingly insignificant as a supply room, to a safe or electronics, put a security camera nearby so that you have an extra layer of protection. Remember that you don’t want to mount the cameras too high, as you won’t be able to see anyone’s faces if you do. If you do have areas with sensitive documents or valuables, you will also want to keep the area well lit, or use motion-sensored lights in case anyone tries to sneak by in the dark.

Near the Dumpster

Interoffice theft is also something that you need to be concerned about. Employees often steal from their employers because they are disgruntled about their employment situation or they feel that they are underappreciated. One way that employees steal is by throwing something valuable away during work hours, and then coming back to retrieve it later in the night. If you have a security camera out near the dumpster, you will be able to see who is stealing and what they are taking.

Work Areas

Security cameras in the work area are highly useful. If your employees know that you can take a look at the security tapes at any time to see what they are up to, they will be more productive and less dishonest. You can use the cameras to stop workplace bullying, harassment, and also to see if an employee is in the office when he or she says she is (if you believe that they are cheating on their time card or taking too many breaks). Just remember that you cannot put security cameras in places where employees should expect reasonable privacy such as bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.