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security cameras to prevent crime in utah

Do Security Cameras Really Work?

It is important that you do all that you can to protect your home, your family, and your business from burglars and vandals. Installing a security camera is one thing that you can do to add an extra layer of safety to your home or workplace.

However, you’re probably wondering if home security cameras really do stop the burglars, much like many business and home owners. While security cameras don’t prevent all crime, they do help make your home and business safer. Read on to find out more.

Security Cameras Are a Deterrent

Burglars want to rob a place that is easy in, easy out. They don’t want to run the risk of getting caught, either on tape or by the authorities. If you have a security camera on your property, criminals will know that there is a possibility that their actions will be filmed, and therefore avoid that house or business. In fact, many people recommend that you should even put fake security cameras up so that it looks like your property is more secure than it really is (while this is a great idea, at the end of the day, a fake security camera is not as secure as a real one).

It is important that you put your security cameras in plain sight, but also somewhere that they can’t be tampered with. It may also be a wise idea to put up a sign that says “Smile, you’re on camera” so that would-be burglars will notice the sign if not the camera.

Security Cameras Do Catch Criminals

The main purpose of having a security camera is to catch criminals in the act; to have footage of a crime so that the police can more easily find the perpetrators. If for any reason, a burglar doesn’t notice the camera, or they decide to commit the crime anyway, you will have evidence. There have been many crimes solved with the aid of a security camera that would have been impossible to solve otherwise. Human memory can be fallible, but video footage does not lie.

Prevent Future Crime

Once a criminal is caught, they will be prevented from committing future crimes, as they will be sent to jail or they will be otherwise persuaded to discontinue their life of crime. By having a security camera in your home or at your business, you help make your neighborhood and community a safer place.