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Techniques For Placing Security Cameras

We all have things that we want to keep safe, whether that is in our homes or at our businesses. Having a CCTV security system can most certainly help with that, and makes for a tremendous addition to any place’s security.

However, all the cameras in the world won’t do you a lick of good unless they are set up and placed in a thoughtful, strategic way. Here are a few tips for placing security cameras…

Widest scope of view

When setting up your security camera system, it’s important to make sure that each camera has the widest scope of view possible. This maximizes the effectiveness of each camera and allows you to keep multiple points of interest in view at the same time. At the time of set up, make sure and check that the lens is clear and has an open field of vision.

Watch entry points

You want your security system to be able to keep track of an intruder’s progress, should they make it into your home. Putting cameras on choke points like doors, windows, and hallways will allow you to get many, many different views of the intruder that will come in handy to the police later. It also lets you know surmise where the intruder was at all times, since you know which direction he was going based on your network.

Put outdoor cameras in plain sight

The very presence of a security camera will be enough to deter an intruder, most of the time. It is very unlikely that they will want to deal with the pressures of burglarizing a home that is outfitted with extra security measures, especially when it is much simpler to just move onto the next house. For this reason, making sure that several of your outdoor cameras can be easily spotted is a good idea to keep those intruders at bay.

Fill in blind spots

The idea when setting up your security camera system is to have a network of vision, where each of the cameras fill in the blind spots of the rest. Ideally, when you are done you should be able to see a vast majority of your house, giving you the most knowledge possible after a home invasion. When setting up each camera, check the field of vision of the other’s in the vicinity to know where you need to fill in.

Put close to valuables

Obviously, we want to be able to keep an eye on the things that we want safe and protected. For this reason, putting a camera up close to your valuables can offer you a bit of peace and mind. In order to get close to your valuables, an intruder must get close to the camera. This can give you, and the police, a better look at them in order to investigate further. Also, an intruder will likely try to avoid security cameras, making them less likely to go after those valuables.