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Places To Put Security Cameras In Your Home

When it comes to keeping your home safe, having security cameras is worthless unless you put them in places that are going to be effective.

Knowing what areas of your home you want to keep an eye on is important to remember. Here are a handful of places to place your security cameras that might just give you a little peace of mind…

Front Door

One of the most needed places for a security camera in your home is right outside your front door. Many people do this to keep an eye on their mail and packages that may be left right outside the door. It will also allow you to keep an eye on who comes over, or if any vandalism might be happening right outside your front door. From a security standpoint, it’s also incredibly beneficial to have an eye on this area. Statistically, intruders are more likely to enter your home from either the front or back door than anywhere else, and they are even more likely to just leave through the front door. This makes a camera by your front door a necessary precaution against burglaries.


Going off of what we were just talking about, having a camera to watch the entirety of your backyard is just as important, if not more so, than having one in the front. Intruders are likely to try and break into your home from the backyard due to the secrecy it will provide. There are usually more trees, plants, decks, and sheds to hide in the shadows of in your backyard. Having a camera out there will make sure you can keep an eye on areas that neighbors can’t. Aside from general home security, having a camera in your backyard also lets you check on your kids while they are playing outside, putting your mind at ease knowing they are safe and fine.


Putting a camera in the baby’s nursery is a great precaution to make sure your little tyke is safe and sound while they sleep. You can check on your baby, periodically, even while you are doing other things. This can let you look for certain behaviors that they have at night, so you know if there are any issues you need to be looking into. Putting a camera in the nursery is also a great way to record information that doctors may need to see if your baby is having trouble sleeping, or is suffering from strange coughs or other conditions.


There are often a good chunk of valuables that people keep in their garage, not least of which is their cars. Because a garage can be much easier to break into, sometimes intruders will just go for what is inside of them, rather than bothering themselves with the difficulties of breaking into a house. For this reason, having a security camera in your garage lets you keep track of all of your possessions in there, and can provide valuable information to the police if someone breaks in. Oftentimes, the simple presence of a security camera will deter intruders from trying to break in.