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Safety Statistics Of Weapons In Homes

Understandably, with all of the crime that we hear about in the news on a daily basis, many individuals want a gun in their home in order to protect their families. Having one, however, can be a fairly dangerous.

It is important not to ignore these statistics, because knowledge is a powerful tool when it comes to the safety of your family. Let’s take a look at the statistics of having a gun in your home and what we can do to prevent the risk of an accident…

The risk

Currently, there are a tremendous amount of guns in the United States, with the reported numbers being at about 9 guns for every 10 people in the country. In 2013, over 1600 children died in accidental gun incidents around the country. At the same time, over 10,000 were seriously injured in non-fatal gun accidents. These numbers are tremendously high, and it’s important that we take great strides to reduce them, as a society. Obviously, having a gun in your home drastically increases the risk of an accidental shooting, particularly when there is little education in handling and storing a weapon. Most of these accidents happen when children play with guns when their parents aren’t around. Also, domestic disputes are shown to be 800% more likely to turn deadly when there is a gun in the home.

The responsibility

Having a gun is a huge responsibility that no individual should ever take lightly. For families, it’s important to know that kids are almost always aware of where parents keep their guns. For this reason, to stop curious kids from getting into them, all guns in the house should be kept locked and secure. Also, it isn’t really a good idea to keep one loaded when storing it, as around ⅓ of handguns are kept loaded at all times, across the country. If you do want a loaded one for security, get a highly secure gun safe for your desk or bed that can be accessed quickly. Also remember, in a domestic dispute, keep your guns away from you, and make it take a good deal of effort to go get them.

In closing

Our constitution grants us, the people, the right to bare arms. And having the power of security in our homes is highly important. However, we must be smart about it, as this right is a huge responsibility. All gun owners should take it as a personal obligation to educate themselves and their families on the responsibilities of having a gun. Any neglect of this should be frowned upon, as a society, because it makes all gun owners look bad.