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Where Should I Install Security Cameras?

We provide services for systems for security cameras in Orange County, California, for commercial and residential customers. Each customer should develop a list of problem areas for surveillance before we offer some advice, such as advice about business security cameras for an office building. With a system for security cameras, homeowners and business owners can have an additional layer of protection for controlling potential problems.

Problem Areas

Some typical problem areas include the entrances and exits for buildings and also the places where there are high risk factors for thefts or accidents. Each customer may have a different reason for wanting to use security cameras, such as for protection or for controlling a problem from children in a backyard swimming pool. The list from the customer should include specific details about each problem area:

  • Entrances
  • Exits
  • Areas for potential hazards


The doors for a home or a business are the usual places where an intruder would enter the home or business. With a security camera, you could get evidence to help you to stop problems from a person who is vandalizing private property or who is stealing merchandise. An overhead door at a loading dock is also an important place for monitoring for problems because pallets of finished goods could be loaded onto an unauthorized truck.


The exit doors for a business or an office building are usually designed with a release bar for opening the doors. An intruder would be unable to open the exit door from the outside of the building. With security cameras at all of the entrances and exits, you could monitor the activity of each person who is inside the building, such as ensuring that each person has left the building.

Restaurant Kitchens

The kitchens and stockrooms in restaurants are places for storing food items. Many restaurant owners use security cameras to control the problems from thefts from workers who could decide to conceal a bottle of ketchup or a porterhouse steak under a restaurant uniform. The kitchens are also places for a potential grease fire. With security cameras, you could monitor those problems to protect your restaurant in Orange County.

Storage Buildings and Garages

The entrances for storage buildings and garages for businesses or for homes are also problem areas. If you use security cameras to monitor the entrances, you could control problems from thefts and could also control problems from an intruder who could cause harm to an employee or to your family. Some primary advantages from security cameras are the features for a home theater system and the smart-home features, such as the voice-control feature from top security companies.

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool is a popular place for fun in Orange County but could also be a problem area if some children have decided to swim in the pool without supervision. With safety precautions, homeowners and business owners, such as hotel owners, can have a swimming pool without problems. Several security cameras can be used to monitor problems from any person who is in a swimming pool:

  • Hotel guests
  • Children
  • Unauthorized visitors

Business Offices

A business office and a home business office are usual places for storing important files and for storing valuable items inside a safe, such as cash. A safe can also be used to securely store rifles, guns or jewelry. With a system for business security cameras, you can safely monitor activity and can control problems at your home or business. Please contact us for more information about security cameras in Orange County, California.

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