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benefits of security cameras in business

Security Cameras and Liability Protection

The name of my company is Dixon Security Cameras because most people in the United States are not familiar with the term CCTV, or Closed Circuit Television. Most people associate security cameras for catching a thief or a vandal breaking into the property when they are not around. While security cameras to prevent theft are effective, locks and Alarm systems however, are really the best tools for those types of situations. What many don’t realize, is that cameras protect business more when they are open for business. Every day, most businesses have many people coming in and out of their facilities. Some of these people are employees, some are vendors, and some our customers. During business hours, locks are usually unlocked, and the alarm is turned off. Do you know what is going on in your business during the day? How about when you aren’t there?

The number one thing that cameras do for businesses is protect them from liability issues. Sure, a shoplifter stealing $50 worth of merchandise is not something any business owner likes, but it pales in comparison to having someone sue you for a slip and fall that never happened? How about a sexual harassment suit? The lawsuit will always cost a business more than almost any other type of loss.

Most business owners that I work with are constantly putting systems and procedures in place to reduce liability and increase safety and production in their businesses. Security camera installation can do just that. These systems and procedures however, only work if they are followed. Some businesses have strict policies for food handlers permits, liquor licenses, OSHA requirements, etc. Cameras create accountability and reduce the strain on management to supervise and inspect for quality control. As we have seen through social media over the last few years, public opinion and judgments can be both quick and harsh when reaching a verdict. As a result, more and more companies are turning to cameras to document activities and protect themselves from false claims. They are also using the systems to root out those employees that bring excess liability to the company because they fail to follow the rules that have been established. 

I have a saying that I tell my kids and my employees, “Bad News Doesn’t Get Better With Age!” People don’t like to admit when a mistake has been made. Often, they put off telling someone because of guilt, fear, and even shame. This usually puts the business owner or manager in a position of having less time to deal with the problem before things get worse. By having cameras, many employees come forward right away because they know that they have no chance of getting away with the issue and understand that things work out better if the news comes straight from them. In a way, the cameras have the company’s back. On the flip side, however, if an employee is accused of something by another employee, vendor, or customer, the cameras have the employee’s back. Video surveillance for businesses is important for this very reason, they provide proof of what really happened. Security Cameras are liability protection for everyone.

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