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Things to avoid when shopping for security systems in Utah

Security Camera Buyer Beware

“Liar Liar Pants on Fire!” was a phrase that we used to use on the playground back when I was kid. It was the ultimate insult to someone that was stretching the truth or flat out lying. Today I would consider this a rant more than a blog. Still, I must say to those that do not understand the Security Camera industry, it is a voice of warning. Many of the manufacturers and others that sell security cameras do not have the same value system and morals that we are used to here in the United States. Often they will say that a camera or piece of equipment is one set of specs, when in reality, it just isn’t.

I hear it all the time from people that walk in my shop. They tell me that they can buy the same cameras online for much cheaper. Knowing what my cameras cost and what is out on the market, I know that they think they are not buying the same thing but that their price isn’t real and they aren’t getting what they think. The problem however is knowledge. Most people could not tell the difference between a 2MP camera and 4K camera. They are buying based on 4K being the new buzzword. This is not uncommon when you are not a security camera expert.

I recently came across a new set of cameras being sold by one of my secondary suppliers. I was shocked to see a price for a Starvision 4K camera being priced at nearly one half what I would pay for a comparable 5MP camera. Because the camera was in a design that I like to use, I called my sales representative and started asking questions. After a short time on the phone, he leveled with me and said it was a “marketing strategy.” Perhaps I am old school, but I didn’t realize that marketing strategies were about straight up lying.

As we are about to enter into Black Friday, it is a good reminder that when something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Many of the things on the shelf at crazy prices are stripped down models of the real thing. People are so eager to pay less money that they don’t slow down and realize that there is a difference. PLEASE UNDERSTAND that you are not going to buy the SAME security cameras from a kit in Costco that professional camera installers are using. There is also a lot of bait and switch going on all over the internet. I have found that many of the pictures that are being used are not even accurate to the products. One of the most important things in electronics is a solid supply line. Knowing that there is a true warranty, return policy, and quality control will make the difference. So before you decide to take the plunge and buy some cameras that you think are 4k, perhaps it would be worth a few minutes to see what real 4K cameras look like side by side with HD cameras.

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