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How Long Do Security Cameras Last And Other Security FAQs

How Long Do Security Cameras Last?

Good Security Cameras can last ten years or even longer but it is not recommended. Usually there are advances in technology that encourage people to upgrade cameras faster than that. I personally would put my limit at about ten years unless I was still thrilled with the picture quality. The recording device however should be switched out at about the five year mark since it is running the hard drive and recording constantly. Think of it as a video server. Additionally, having high quality security system in Salt Lake City will effect the life of your cameras.

Do I need Security Cameras for my Business?

I would say yes to this answer because cameras help out with very specific business challenges that other security measures do not. Why do businesses need security cameras is a slightly different question. I believe that all forms of security have their place for your business. Security isn’t something that you work on once and then forget. It is something that must be evaluated and updated on an annual basis. It should evolve as your business evolves. There are different levels and types of security for your business. The first thing that almost everyone has is locks. We lock our doors, windows, some drawers, cabinets, etc. I don’t know many businesses that don’t have some form of lock installed. Some decide that an alarm system is needed for when they are not there. This can be monitored or not monitored but it is a great deterrent for keeping intruders out of your space.

The next level of security is cameras. Security cameras document what happens in your business when you are away and when you are there. What many people fail to realize is that cameras protect your business from many of the liabilities that locks and alarms do not. A few of these things include: employee theft, fraudulent claims from employees and customers concerning accidents and damages, wasted time, employee negligence, shoplifting, vendor theft, supervision of contracted cleaners, landscapers, and snow removal personnel. The next level of security is usually access control of people within the building. Although this is a larger form of locks, it is also a way to control movement and secure traffic areas during the work day with a record of people and movements in the facility. With the growing concern for active shooters, access control will become more and more common in schools, hospitals, and large business buildings.

How much do good cameras cost?

Good cameras is a relative term but under 2018 standards, I would say that anything that is full 1080P HD would be considered a good camera. That being said however, there is more to a good camera than the stated resolution. To get a great picture you need to have a good chipset, good lens, good wiring, and a good recorder and monitor. It doesn’t make sense to have a good camera on a cheap monitor that does not even handle 1080P HD. The most important thing is to get your camera from a trusted source that will stand behind it. That being said, a good camera will range from about $80 on the low side to around $500 on the high side depending on features, brand, and a number of other factors. The important thing to note would be that if it is too cheap, you might not be getting everything you think you are.

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