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Do I Need To Put Up A Sign If I Install Security Cameras?

You are having security camera installation done in your home or business, which is a smart decision, but now you are wondering if you need to let everybody know. The answer is a little complex, and it depends on a few factors, such as where you live or the areas the camera is meant to film.

For the most part, you don’t need to put a sign if you are going to be using a video camera in a public or private space. This means you can use a camera in front of your home without worrying about putting up a sign. A camera in your backyard should also be okay. Still, you can always talk to a California state official to make sure, but it should be okay. For business security cameras the same is true. A business can place a camera without telling anyone as long as it is placed in a public place. It is important to point out that cameras should not be placed in areas where the public expects privacy, such as the restroom.

Benefits to Consider

Yes, installing security cameras may represent a significant investment, but they do provide surveillance that could make your property much safer. Cameras are used to discourage a criminal from taking action since his or her likeness may be forever filmed and used to bring justice. Some of the benefits include: Back up accounts of a criminal act, reduces loss by preventing crime, and helps you get insurance discounts by taking additional safety steps.

Clearly, having a security system with cameras is a smarter decision. Now, some of these video cameras are quite discreet while others are not. This is the reason some people like to place signs because they also act as criminal deterrents. So, yes, you may not need the sign, but that does not mean the sign is not helpful if your goal is to keep your property safe.

Is There Security Cameras Regulation on a Federal Level?

You may assume that there is some kind of regulation of video surveillance, but the reality is there is not. On a federal level, you have the right to security camera installation and monitoring of your home. In essence, all you are doing is taking care of your property.

Public vs. Privacy Areas

Okay, now we are going take a closer look at this, and it really comes down to the state you are in. For the most part, there is no law in California that tells you you cannot place a camera in a public space, but places like a restroom, changing rooms for businesses, a shower, and other places like that are a different story.

The state of California tells you that you cannot place a security camera in these rooms, including the bedroom. In these areas, people can do whatever they want, like undress without worrying that someone is taping the moment. This is actually a good thing because this means you are also protected against this kind of unethical use of video surveillance technology.

There is no doubt that security camera installation can be a blessing to any homeowner or business owner. A number of things could happen without a surveillance system, so installing one is smart. The goal is to keep intruders or criminals from stealing or conducting other illegal activity in your private property, and you can attain those goals without placing cameras in some of the places mentioned.

Hopefully, this information helps you understand the surveillance system you are putting up and why putting up a sign is up to you though it still may be a good idea, even if it is not required. Give us a call if you want to find out more or to have us install your surveillance system, and we will be happy to make your property much safer

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