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Orange County Security Camera Installation

Can I Just Use Fake Security Cameras?

Orange County in California is certainly a smart place to have a business as you’ll likely see traffic from residents and tourists alike. With all of your business happenings, you may forget about the need for tight business security; however, this element is one that should take priority. As you’re reviewing the options for increased security measures, you may wonder if fake cameras are enough. Understanding the benefits of security camera installation will help you realize why you need them. To answer your question, no, fake security cameras won’t give you the benefits you need from you business security cameras.

Recognized Devices

Remember that first-time criminals might not choose your business. In other words, if people are looking to break into your business, they might have experience in both methods to use and tools that companies use to stop these crimes. Criminals might very well know what fake security cameras look like. They will, therefore, know that the devices lack the ability to record any of their actions. On the other hand, implementing real video surveillance can halt them where they are.

Actual Footage

Some criminals think that they know all of the best methods. As a result, they will break in whether or not they think that you have real security cameras. With fake units, you are not going to have any footage of the crime. Real CCTV surveillance means that you can go through the records to see if you recognize any of the thieves. Furthermore, the local police department can share this footage. If criminals don’t hear of footage or photos shared related to the break-in at your company, they may know that your business lacks real cameras and return for another break-in.

Internal Issues

While you don’t want to think that any of your employees would ever turn on you or your business, having a realistic view of the situation is important. Sometimes, employees become angry at the decisions of their managers. Also, when employees are fired, some cases do exist where they return to steal from or damage the business. If your employees know that your CCTV signs are fake, they may feel more motivated to come and commit these crimes.

Other Problems

When you’re thinking about security camera installation, you may envision protection against break-ins or vandalism only. In other words, you may feel as though the signs warning of a camera are enough to scare off people who would otherwise commit these crimes. However, remember that video surveillance serves other important purposes as well. For example, imagine that a customer claims to have fallen and gotten injured on your business’s property. This customer might claim that you made a mistake that caused this fall. Without video surveillance, proving exactly what happened can be impossible. Therefore, real cameras do more than stop crime from happening in the first place. These security cameras also help to document incidents that would otherwise remain without evidence.

Professional Security Camera Installation

If you choose a trusted company to install your security cameras, you can also rest assured that they are properly integrated into the physical structures. Fake cameras might look clumsily assembled, or you may not even know where to put them to make them look real. Even people who are not experienced in crime may have the ability to identify your cameras as fakes because they simply appear to have been haphazardly placed around the business. When you opt for fake cameras, you miss out on the possibility of smooth and precise installation.

Using fake security cameras might seem like a way to protect your business at a lower cost. However, when these cameras appear fake and fail to guard your company against crime and accusations, they clearly aren’t worth it.

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