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Protect Your Packages With Security Cameras This Christmas

Orange County Security Cameras

The digital age has arrived and there are millions of people ordering packages online and having them delivered to their porch. Unfortunately, without the right security measures, these packages could lay on your porch for hours and potentially be stolen by individuals that are looking to invade your property. Security cameras could act as a deterrent to […]

Benefits Of Monitoring Security Cameras Remotely In Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo Security Camera Installation

There are several benefits of monitoring video surveillance remotely. Business Protection The first benefit of business security cameras is that the business is always going to be protected. This is because you are always going to have the ability to monitor the footage on the camera no matter where your are through the app. You can see […]

Benefits Of CCTV For Businesses

what are the benefits of having CCTV security systems for a business.

As the world changes, you should try to move with it especially in the direction of the technological advancements within your area of expertise. Using a closed circuit television or CCTV is commonly known as one of the good things that you can do for your business. It is a security measure that is worth […]

Business Security Systems: Why Use Cameras?

Business Security Systems Orange County Southern California

Due to the high number of visitors in Orange County, and the high amount of business transactions that take place in a day, it’s important to ensure that you have the necessary security measures to safeguard your property. Business security systems are not only there to guard the customers, inventory, and your employees from outside […]

Security Motion Alerts Through Email And Text

remote video camera monitoring Utah

Many of the new DIY security cameras systems of today are advertising alerts through email and text. This is not new technology. I was selling this feature back in 2004 when I first started in the industry. Video motion has not been the best system for triggering an alert in the past, because it creates […]

Why Do Businesses Need Security Cameras?

remote monitoring of business assets Utah

Any business operating without cameras is flying blind and missing out on critical information.  We live in an information age. There is more information available at our fingertips than we could digest over three lifetimes. Internet companies spend millions developing ways to track our online activities, likes, dislikes, preferences, spending habits, etc. They use that […]

Keeping Your Business Secure

keeping your Utah business safe with security cameras

We spend a lot of time thinking about home security, but today we want to talk about a topic that’s even more relevant: security for your small business. Robberies in offices and stores are far more common than home invasions. While you may have business insurance that protects you from the worst of this, a […]

Integrating Home Surveillance With Mobile Technology

remote access video surveillance

Every day it seems that our mobile phones are becoming more and more like do-everything, all-purpose devices, with new functionalities constantly being attached to them. And this comes as no exception when considering home security and the modern ability to maintain and monitor home surveillance from afar with a mobile device. Here is a look […]