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Wireless Security Cameras

People often ask me if we carry wireless cameras. They usually don’t really care about how the camera gets the signal to the recorder.

Most of the time this means they are asking if I have a cheaper solution. Many people mistakenly think that they can get the same type of solution out of a wireless camera that they can get out of a wired solution. If wireless cameras were better, most professionals would be lining up to use them. The first thing that many people don’t think about when they want to go with WIFI wireless cameras is that they will still need to run some type of a cable for power. Since most cameras are installed in places higher up and most outlets are closer to the ground, you will have to run wires. There are some WIFI cameras that work with batteries, but they don’t go for very long. You will be changing the batteries out every month. That is an expensive and time- consuming solution over a long period of time. With one camera it may work out, but with many, it becomes a challenge. Other problems with WIFI solutions include security and wireless interference due to the environment.

As professionals, we do use a wireless solution when it makes sense and will contribute to saving money when installing security cameras when going between buildings or an obstacle that may be difficult to cable through. In these situations, we use a good network bridge with IP cameras. This is not WIFI. A wireless bridge is a pair of point to point devices that work as a transmitter and receiver to send an encrypted signal between two points. It is like running an invisible wire through the air. If we have line of sight and power on both sides of the bridge, we can put a switch on the other side and WIRE the IP cameras to the switch. We can then record the cameras back at the main building by bringing the signal over the wireless bridge. This solution is not overly expensive, but it does add considerable cost. A wireless bridge is the equivalent of adding 3 cameras to an installation. It is however, a much better and less expensive solution to trenching through an entire parking lot. It is also a way for us to take a wireless solution over a longer distance. The bridges that we usually use can extend distances over a mile.

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