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Wired vs. Wireless Security Cameras: Pros, Cons, and Costs

An Orange County home should be a place where families feel safe and secure. They want to be able to relax without the fear of danger in their minds. Choosing a home security system can make families feel safer in their own homes. The following information can help you decide between a wireless and a wired system.

Camera Installation

The installation of these security systems is strikingly different. A wired surveillance system in Orange County has to be hardwired throughout the entire house with each camera connected to the central monitoring unit or the recording unit. Hardwiring involves drilling through the ceilings, walls, and insulation. Then the threaded wires must go through the walls. It’s best to leave this work to knowledgeable and professional contractors or electricians.

Wireless cameras are easy to install and just take minutes. This installation is considered a DIY project, which saves homeowners money on hiring a professional installer. Wireless cameras connect to the central monitoring system via radio waves. However, most security cameras will come with a power cable that plugs to an electrical source.

On the other hand, most are battery-operated, an option that involves charging the batteries frequently. These security cameras can be placed anywhere indoors or outdoors as long as they’re within range of the central monitoring unit. They can also be moved to another place if the location needs to change over time.


The components of a wireless security camera cost more than the components for a wired security camera. But the cost for installation will make the overall cost for a wired security camera higher. To reduce these costs, sign a contract with the security monitoring service. This provides you with free installation. If not, the cost for installation will cost around $100, depending on the type of camera you use.

The overall cost of a wireless surveillance camera will be less because of the requirements involved with the security camera installation. These prices can range from as little as $100 to as much as $1,000. The network that’s connected to the storage device or DVR can cost around $500 in. For example, a professionally installed wireless camera can cost around $1,150, including $800 for materials and $340 for installation in Orange County.


Wired security cameras rely on the use of a battery backup during a power outage or storm. Meanwhile, wireless security cameras rely on the home’s electrical system, which should also have a backup for use during a storm or outage. This can come in the form of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s placed inside the unit.

A hardwired security system operates each camera with electrical wiring or power over Ethernet. These cameras don’t have to be placed next to electrical outlets. On the opposite end, wireless cameras are easier to conceal. A wired security system is harder to conceal because of the wired connection that goes through the home.

Ease of Use

A wireless security camera is easier to use since it just requires an Internet connection. Once the camera is connected to the Internet, the footage from the camera can be sent to a smartphone app or computer programs with an interface that provides remote monitoring. This allows the homeowner to see what’s happening when they’re away from home. High-end security cameras allow the homeowner to control the focal point from another location, such as pan, tilt, or zoom. Using Internet access allows the security camera to be integrated with both home automation systems and wireless home security systems.

Audio & Video Quality

Wireless security cameras were better than wired ones due to their impressive audio and video quality. The resolution of a wired security camera is on par with a wireless camera, depending on the features. A higher amount means that it provides a higher resolution and a clearer image. One example of a high-resolution camera is 8 Megapixel.

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