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Security Cameras That Do Not Need An Internet Connection

The security camera industry has changed quite a bit over the years, especially when it comes to video surveillance in San Diego. We use to have to use analog security cameras with a lot of cabling and slow feeds and poor quality. It seems almost impossible now days to find as high quality business security camera that doesn’t hook up to the internet. We forget that until the recent past, that is how security cameras had always been. We hope this helps give you understand a little bit more about security cameras that don’t need to hook up to the internet.

Why Would You Want Security Cameras Without Internet Access?

While there are reasons why you might not want your business security cameras to hook up to the internet, the main reason people in San Diego want this kind of security camera is actually a limit to their internet availability. In other words, it’s not that they don’t want to connect their security camera to the internet but they can’t. If you are trying to monitor an area that doesn’t have internet access but all you can find are cameras that require an internet hook up, you’re in trouble. Other people simply don’t want their video surveillance footage stored online. For business owners who want to keep their footage off the grid, this is a great option. Finally, some people simply don’t want their business security systems reliant upon the internet connection. We all have experience internet troubles and some people want to keep those separate from their security camera’s ability to function.

Security Cameras That Don’t Require Internet Access

The best style of business security camera in San Diego that won’t need an internet connection is the HD Over Coax Security Camera. The reason for this is that it is the highest performing security camera that has the ability to for local storage and still great resolution. It is a more affordable option that still is able to transmit 720p and 1080p security camera footage. This technology transmits audio and video through data signals that are carried through a single cable which can transmit the content over long distances through a cable or wire hookup. Obviously, if you do not connect to the internet there is going to be some form of cabling or wiring that will transmit your footage to the location where it will be stored. 

HD Over Coax Security Cameras are terrific also in the sense that they are a relatively easy and affordable transition from analog security cameras. It is a good way to upgrade quality without breaking the bank on security camera updates. Additionally, these video surveillance cameras offer a lot of options when it comes to storage. Many people in an effort to minimize security footage storage opt to use a rolling storage system. This is where footage is deleted after a certain period of time automatically as new footage is recorded. Since you won’t be uploading your video to the internet, this kind of storage is a must. 

Whether you are looking to protect an area that doesn’t have the capability of internet access or if you simply don’t want your security camera footage online, security cameras without internet access are a great option. Talk to a security camera consultant about what kind of cameras you are looking for and he can point you in the direction that will best meet your needs. Security camera installation is important for any business, so make sure you get the right cameras. 

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