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Robbing A Home From A Thief’s Perspective: Part 2

Last month we dissected the thought process that goes through a burglar’s head as they are going through with the process of robbing a home.

We covered topics such as how a thief decides which home to rob, the most common methods of breaking in, which room in the home they will take stuff from first. If you are worried about home security, then it is highly important to understand how a thief will think. Be certain to remember that they are another person, just like you, and probably have a similar thought process. This perspective will help you take precautions to keep your home safe. Now, here’s the second and final part of our breakdown of a thief’s process…

The rest of the house

At the end of last month’s entry, we explained how a burglar will try to make their way to the master bedroom first, due to the higher rate of valuables that is usually found there. However, once they are done there, the rest of the room is kind of subjective in terms of where they will scavenge. The most common thing to do next is find an office of some sort that will contain electronics such as computers. If not an office, they will likely just move from room to room looking for electronics or valuables that are immediately valuable. The key here is to remember that they will move quickly, as they don’t want to be in your home for too long, and they have likely already found what they wanted in the master bedroom.

The escape

As soon as they have scuttled through the rest of a the house and filled their bags with everything that they wanted to, the thief will want to get out of your home as fast as possible. Most likely, they will have a partner waiting on standby inside of a vehicle. The thief will then call this partner and have them pull up to the house. Ideally, they will try not to use the front of the house to load the valuables, and will try to do it in the back. However, it is common for thieves to use a moving truck or an electrician’s truck to make them seem legitimate. Most likely, the thief was in and out of your house in less than ten minutes. Once they are gone, your valuables will likely be sold off on a website or pawn shop and will be incredibly difficult to track down.