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Professional Security Cameras: A Smart Business Investment

Running a successful business is about more than increasing sales and providing exceptional service. Having video surveillance for your business is also a must. Most business owners have difficulty choosing the right security system. Here are five reasons why your business needs to install commercial security cameras.

Prevent Internal & External Theft

Loss prevention has become one of the five priorities for most businesses who deal with the public on a regular basis, according to a Forbes research study. Theft should be a concern for your business as well. While loss prevention relates to customer theft, there are also concerns with internal theft.

Having security cameras in Orange County inside your place of business can help you keep track of customers and employees that have access to products. If such an incident occurs, your security cameras can help you identify and gather information about the person who’s committing theft. It may turn out to be one of your employees rather than a customer. Businesses without security cameras miss out on the chances of catching criminals in the act.

Protect the Outside of Your Business

Talk to a contractor before installing security cameras outside of your business. A professional contract can help you determine if you have enough coverage with a minimum amount of blind spots. You should have security cameras at every entrance and exit as well as the parking lot. Other areas that should be monitored include alleyways, back alleys, side entrances, and any areas where someone would try to conceal their actions.

You should always keep your back doors and rear entrances locked. These areas can become prime targets for criminals who want to gain access to an area where money is handled. They will try to enter when you least expect it. A security camera records who enters and exits your business and lets your employees that these areas are safe.

Provides Footage for Injury Claims

Slips and falls are the number one cause of most liability lawsuits. While most claims are legitimate, come claims made by customers and employees can turn out to be fraudulent. With security cameras from Orange County at your place of business, you can reduce the number of false claims submitted. You can also prove when a lawsuit is just or not.

Checking the footage where the accident happened should become a standard practice when completing the incident report. When you submit the claim to the Society Insurance, the claim adjuster will ask for the footage. Submit thirty minutes of video that occurred before and after the accident. Reviewing this footage can help you determine if the claim is a case you need to take.

Improve Customer Experience

This is important for businesses who deal with the public. The service industry prides itself on providing exceptional customer service while increasing sales and revenue. Having on-site security cameras can help you monitor the customer service that’s being provided by your staff. These videos can be used as an important learning tool to improve customer service operations or to award those who are providing outstanding service.

Reduce Insurance Premiums

These claim defense benefits, loss prevention woes, and security concerns can help you save money on insurance premiums with a security camera in place. Insurance carriers prefer to see positives that will reduce the cost of loss. These positives should include a slip-prevention program, well-written safety program, use of non-slip footwear, and video surveillance cameras.

What are you doing to prevent accidents, injuries, theft? What are you doing to protect your customers and employees? Insurance companies will offer better prices to businesses with security systems than with businesses that don’t.

Security systems can offer additional protection to your business. It will also give you peace of mind and a way to protect your business when you’re away. The right security system can increase the efficiency, operation, profitability, and safety of your customers and employees.

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