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Looking For SPY Cameras?

If you are looking for Spy Cameras to solve a problem then you came to the right place. Dixon Security Cameras carries an assortment of self contained Spy Cameras/DVRs for you to choose from. Here are a couple of our most popular.

1. The 2GB Spy Pen ($99). This is hands down the most popular. It is easy to use, fits into most situations, and never raises suspicion. I have this available in a 4GB and 8 GB as well but the battery lasts the same on all of them and the 2GB Pen will record 4 hours of video, which is twice as long as the battery lasts on a charging.

2. The 8GB Watch ( $135). Nobody will ever suspect that you are recording them with a full functioning DVR and camera on your wrist. This watch will record audio and video and even take snapshots. One of the buttons unscrews to reveal a secret compartment to plug your specially adapted USB cable into. It is a full functioning time piece as well.

3. The 2GB Spy Sunglasses with MP3 Player ($135). These babies also come with a slot for a micro SD card so you can add additional memory as needed. Load up the MP3 player with your favorite tunes and head out for the great outdoors. These are great for biking, hiking, driving anything, or just hanging out. They are the perfect gift for your music enthusiast that is always on the go. Check out this video that I shot wearing a pair of these spy shades while riding down the zipline at the U.S. Olympic Park in Park City, Utah.

4. The KeyChain DVR/camera ($89). Doesn’t it seem like many very important conversations take place in a parking lot or when you are about to go for a drive? Nobody will suspect that the key chain in your hand is a fully functioning DVR and Camera. Get the real scoop by recording that conversation and don’t be taken for a ride any more.

5. The Mini Micro DVR ($135). This camera is a great choice if you want to use it for a covert operation or for fun and recreation. Since it comes with a belt clip as well as a bracket for mounting, this camera can easily be set up almost anywhere. It is about the size of your little finger but boy does it deliver. The size and accessories make it easy to hide when you want to catch someone in the act.

Like the Sunglasses, the Mini Micro DVR also comes equipped with a MICRO SD card slot. You get to determine how much memory you want to load it with depending on your project. The SD card can then be loaded right into your computer without any special software.

Another great feature of the Mini Micro DVR is that it has an option to be voice activated. This allows you to get longer battery and recording time from the unit. For anyone that has conducted surveillance before, it can sometimes be a lot of waiting. Having a feature that helps cut down on excess video footage goes a long way towards saving you time and money.

6. The 8GB Self Contained Button Camera ($115). This new HQ video model button spy camera is so small that it can fit inside any button up shirt for the ultimate in undetectable covert surveillance. While small in size, it makes up for it with high quality video at 30 FPS, and high quality mono AMR channel audio, giving you the best results you have ever seen from a hidden surveillance DVR of this size.

7. The Magic Mini Stick DVR ( $115). Small enough to be hidden in a pack of chewing gum, this DVR is similar to the Micro Mini in function and use. It takes and SD Card and can be hidden almost in anything. With this spy camera/dvr you can turn almost anything into a hidden camera.

These are just some of the most popular spy cameras that we have available. If you have a special need or are just curious then drop me an email or give me a call soon. Any one of these items would make a great stocking stuffer.