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Dixon Security provides Salt Lake City Utah, Orange County and San Diego California plus surrounding areas with the following services:

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Digital Recording Security Systems

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Nanny Security Cameras

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CCTV Equipment

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PC and Linux Stand Alone DVR/NVR Security Systems

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Remote Video Surveillance Over the Internet

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Surveillance over Laptops, Tablets, and Smart Phones

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Covert and Hidden Security Cameras

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Motion Detection Security Cameras

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Covert Surveillance Services and Professional Installation

We will Service and Upgrade Video Surveillance and Security Systems in the Salt Lake City, Utah in and around Park City Utah, Ogden Utah, Provo Utah, West Valley City Utah, West Jordan Utah, American Fort Utah, Sandy Utah, Tooele Utah, and anywhere close. We also provide these services in Orange County, San Diego California and surrounding areas. We will even travel outside of our general service area for a fee. For questions about any of our services call Utah location 801-455-0413 or Orange County location 949-373-0526.


Business Security

To ensure your surveillance system is exceeding expectations, we provide consulting, integration, configuration, and support services to our customers, large and small. Our experience with providing security for other businesses can help you learn from their mistakes.
Camera Sales

Camera Sales & Consulting

We can help you make an educated decision between IP Cameras, HD-SDI, TVI, or CVI cameras from your Standard Analog Cameras. We understand lighting, camera features, placement, and everything necessary to give you the pictures you are looking for. Perhaps a hybrid system will help you upgrade in stages. We can work with them all.
Remote Video

Remote Video Access

View feeds from your video surveillance system on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Quickly and easily access events in multiple areas of your facility. We can also provide solutions to send camera signals over distances.
Video Surveillance


A Video Surveillance system can help your business reduce internal and external risk, and improve the efficiency of your company’s operations

Alarm Systems

When it comes to protecting your business from unauthorized entry, fire, or any other type of emergency, nothing compares to a professionally installed business alarm system. Throughout Utah, business owners turn to Dixon Security for alarm systems.



Take control of your business by installing an access control system from Dixon Security. It’s quick, efficient, cost-effective and reliable. Rest assured that you’re getting the best system for the price.


Maintenance & Repair

Need maintenance to existing cameras? Many camera issues can be a simple fix for a trained technician. Ask about our FLAT RATE maintenance fees and never commit to an open ended invoice again.
Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

We provide covert and hidden security cameras, nanny security cameras, and motion detection security cameras, along with covert surveillance and information security services.

License Plate Reader Security Cameras


Have you taken the initiative to install the advanced license plate capture cameras? Elevate the security measures for your business in Provo, Utah, by embracing the latest advancements in license plate reader camera technology. With Dixon Security’s state-of-the-art cameras, you can effectively deter criminals and thwart their actions. Equipped with exceptional zoom capabilities and precise license plate recognition features, our cameras offer unwavering protection, ensuring you experience a heightened sense of security and tranquility. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to gather more comprehensive information about this foolproof security solution. 

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Free Cloud Storage for Your Peace of Mind

No Monthly Cloud Storage Fee

At Dixon Security, we believe that safeguarding your business shouldn’t come with hidden costs. That’s why we offer a truly worry-free solution with our complimentary cloud storage service. Unlike other providers that burden you with recurring monthly fees, we provide secure cloud storage for your surveillance footage without any additional charge.


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