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How Often to Service Security Cameras in Orange County

Having security cameras installed inside and outside of your Orange County business doesn’t mean you should set them and forget them. While you might have an up-to-date security system, that’s not enough. Even some brand name security systems can have troubleshooting issues, most of which are easy to fix. Here are five reasons why your security system needs regular service.

1 – Data Backups

One common reason to get your security system serviced is for regular backups. It seems like computers are easier to maintain when it comes to electronics. They have regularly scheduled system checks and backups. For your cameras, you will have to schedule a security camera maintenance check and backup to ensure that it receives the latest updates.

This is important if you want to keep your records for business or legal reasons. You don’t want to lose footage that can help law enforcement catch criminals in the act. The systems check will check for the accuracy of those records.

2 – Climate Changes

Inclement weather is the biggest threat to your security camera. Changes in air pressure, electricity, humidity, particulate concentration, and temperature can cause wear and tear of your electronics. It’s important to make sure that your communication and power wires are clean, insulated, and secure.

The next component to focus on is your lenses. Cover your lenses with water-resistant canopies. This protects your lenses from leaks, moisture, and vapor transfer since this can damage your equipment. In addition, your security system should have a diagnostic check and firmware update similar the one used by your computer.

3 – Software Updates

You’ll have to schedule an appointment with a security camera system specialist who ensures that your security camera qualifies for an upgrade. This upgrade may be free depending on the manufacturer’s warranty. You should go over the eligibility requirements with a manufacturer who understands your safety and technology concerns. Keep in mind there’s no need to go over your budget since most security cameras are sufficient for most business needs.

4 – Hackers

Your security camera can be susceptible to cyber threats. Hackers can enter your system to monitor your operations and to steal your personal information. Encrypted wireless security cameras are the safest option. You can prevent this problem from happening by using a wired encrypted wireless video surveillance system that can provide additional protection.

5 – Security Camera Maintenance

Whether you forget to replace the batteries or perform regular maintenance, your security cameras won’t work like they used to. Older security systems don’t work because the components don’t operate like they should. Getting regular maintenance can help your security camera work properly. This is one of the best ways to prevent problems from happening with your business security system to ensure that it lasts.

6 – False Alarms

False alarms are common with most security systems. Sometimes the alarm could go off because a bird flew by or a tree brushed against your building. Faulty security camera installation, human error, and a malfunctioning security system are three common reasons for false alarms. One way to prevent false alarms from happening is to get your security system regularly serviced.

A professional can change the motion detection sensitivity so it’s not activated by animals or wind. Your video surveillance system can greatly reduce human error by up to half because of this service.

These are just some of the reasons why your security system will need regular maintenance. It’s important to keep your security system running with the latest components and software. Getting your security camera serviced can make it work more effectively. This will greatly improve the safety of your Orange County business.

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