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Orange County Security Cameras

A Guide To Buying Security Cameras In Orange County

Whether you are installing a regular video surveillance system or a business security cameras system, there are multiple types to consider before making your choice. They come with different features and specs to consider, and security camera installation can be complex depending on the system.

Bullet Camera Security Systems

Bullet cameras are a multi-wired security system shaped like a round cone. They configure to direct camera focus into specific areas around your home or business that you know need watching. These areas will point directly to one area of your home or business, such as at your front door or back entrance.

Dome Camera Security System

A dome camera mounts into a ceiling and provides you with a view around your home or business. The camera stays fixed and has features to tilt the camera remotely around to view an entire room or hallway.

Wireless cameras

wireless security cameras requires either a battery or a way to charge the camera remotely. They connect directly to a home or business’s Wi-Fi and send digital images directly to your phone and/or online account.

What Special Features do they have?

Specially Designed Apps
Motion Detection
Remote video access.

Not all security systems come with the same features, and you will need to consider how you will want to use your security camera before you select the final product.Many types of security cameras have alerts that activate once they sense motion. When this happens, accompanying software or apps will receive notification of activity, allowing you to monitor a situation remotely. While this can be fine-tuned, it is good for watching your front porch to prevent porch pirates from stealing packages or a back entrance that sees in-frequent use.

Two-Way Talking

Two-way talking allows you to communicate directly with anyone near your camera system. The feature allows you to monitor your children when they come home from school or to communicate with your dogs that are home alone while you are at work.

Live View

The live view gives you a view from your cameras to check your home or property in real-time. The feature is good for monitoring properties you might not frequently visit though the feature does drain the battery life quickly from your cameras.

Quality Video Imagery

Many older video surveillance systems had terrible video imagery. Today, you can have a very good quality video at 1080p with a full HD screen resolution. Some cheaper models will give you fair quality at 720p; you will get a quality video of anything that might be happening around your home or business.

Night Vision

Night vision is a feature most families and businesses need. Security camera installation that includes night vision can save you time and money and can give you around 15 feet of night vision. Keeping your home and business secure at night can keep you home safe and secure from prowlers. Business security cameras will save you money in the long-term.

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