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Security Cameras In San Clemente CA

24/7 Video Surveillance Vs Scheduled Recordings

Some security cameras in Orange County record video all day long. In fact, if you wanted to spend the money on it, you could have 24/7 video surveillance stored for decades and continually be adding more footage. The majority of people don’t do this for reasons of storage and costs but I suppose it is possible. The real question you need to ask when looking to buy business security cameras is do you want 24/7 video surveillance or incremental recording.

24/7 Video Surveillance

Many people think that the best thing for them to do and while that can be the case, it isn’t always. For example, if you sacrifice surveillance for quality, what good does 24/7 video of blurry footage do for you? You’ll want to invest in at least a 2MP or 4MP minimum in order to get video quality worth having. Anything less might prove very unhelpful even though you had it running 24/7. 

Commercial demand for 24/7 business security cameras in San Clemente have been on the rise for years. When businesses have the purse strings for it, or have massive areas to monitor it makes sense to just buy high quality 24/7 security cameras.  Part of this has come as storage has become easier and easier and more and more affordable. 

If we were having this conversation 5 years ago, it would be totally different. Cloud storage has changes the game when it comes to video surveillance. This doesn’t change the fact that you still will be storing a lot of video and like most businesses, deleting a lot of video on a regular basis. 

Motion Detecting Security Cameras

A great alternative to 24/7 surveillance is motion detecting security cameras. Small and medium sized business are loving the new options when it comes to this technology. These are commonly used in less trafficked areas such as stairwells, hallways, and alleyways without windows or entrances. It isn’t uncommon for business owners to have motion detecting cameras in one part of the business and 24/7 video surveillance in the more trafficked or highly targeted areas. 

The benefit to these cameras is that they only begin recording when motion is detected. This can be a drawback depending on where you position the cameras. If you position your security cameras in the wrong place, your motion detecting security cameras could turn into 24/7 cameras.  Also, depending on the quality of the camera, you might not get everything you want to capture because the motion wasn’t prominent enough. Tread lightly here, but just make sure you get quality security cameras and the motion detection software should work just fine. 

Recording Schedules

Your final option is just a set recording schedule. This could work, but you take big risks on blocking out certain windows of the day. If you go this route you will just be hoping that if any crime happens it will be during the hours you are recording. Tread even more lightly here. Security cameras in San Clemente can be very beneficial, but recording schedules open up the windows of liability.