Tech Support

security camera logoFor immediate tech support, call Drew Dixon at 757-532-2098.  

We stand by our promise to be available to support our customers at all times. We value our relationship with each and every client, which is why we’re there from design to installation, service and future growth. No problem is too small to call us for support.

Our method of tech support goes well beyond just solving immediate problems. We work with each client to further educate them on their system and minimize future complications. We provide timely diagnosis and repairs & upgrades whenever necessary. Maintenance and upkeep require a personal touch. Choose Dixon for your security camera system and your guaranteeing a personal service from start to finish, and beyond.

Dixon Security Comprehensive 1 Year Onsite Warranty

Dixon Security Cameras offers a full 1 year Comprehensive warranty on both labor and installation of equipment under the following circumstances:

The client account is paid in full.  The client lives within our normal service area.  (Farmington south, Park City west, Provo North, and Magna east.)  The client does not tamper with the recorder or cameras on their own or have another company or individual do the same.

Clients outside of the service area still are covered under warranty however they must pay a service/travel charge for any warranty trip to their property depending on the distance.  The labor and parts onsite would then be covered.

Some Examples of Warranty calls:

Recorder is beeping or making a strange noise.  Recorder is not recording.  Video loss.  Interference on Video.  Night vision not working.

Things not covered under warranty and why:

Failed equipment due to power surge, lightning, water damage, or vandalism.  – Act of God or nature.

Networking – Networking involves your internet, power, router, cell phone carrier, and internet provider.  All of these things are out of our control.  If it is however determined on the service call that it was due to a problem in the recorder, then it will become a warranty call.

Focusing  – When our installation team leaves and payment is received, you agree that the cameras are focused and looking where you want.  If you decide to change what a varifocal camera is focused on or where it is looking after the initial installation, then that would be considered maintenance and is not covered under warranty.  If it is a fixed lens camera and becomes out of focus, then that would be a warranty issue because that camera requires no adjusting of the focus.

Maintenance:  We encourage you to get the most out of your investment with continual maintenance, training, and updates.  Maintenance visits fall under our normal service work rates.  At least once a year we encourage you to schedule a maintenance visit and get everything tuned up.