15 Jul

All About Vandalproof Cameras

dome style camerasSecurity cameras installed around your home are excellent for deterring unwelcome visitors and capturing suspicious activity, but unfortunately a security camera cannot do its job if it has been vandalized. That is where vandal-proof cameras come in. If some of the cameras installed around your home are in a location that allows for physical access, and if you fear that the cameras around your home will be prone to vandalism, tampering, or theft, vandal-proof cameras are definitely a good option for you. Here is a look at what exactly makes vandal-proof cameras, well, vandal-proof. Read More

01 Jul

What Makes Security Cameras Weatherproof?

outdoor security cameraSecurity cameras can truly complete your home’s or business’s overall security system, and a comprehensive home security camera system is of course going to include outdoor security cameras. These cameras come in a variety of styles, including bullet, dome, and PTZ (pan, tilt, zoom). In order for your outdoor cameras to be effective, however, they are going to need to be weatherproof. Here is a look at what exactly makes a weatherproof security camera weatherproof. Read More