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xfinity security system flaws

Xfinity’s Flawed Security System

While security systems continue to advance and progress as technology brings new tools to keep homes safe, it is important to note that there is no such thing as a security system that is impenetrable.

As security engineers get smarter, so too do those who would wish to bypass those security systems. Luckily, most people with that kind of intelligence aren’t going to be looking to break into your home, and probably have their sights set on bigger fish. However, recently, Xfinity’s home security system has been shown to have a major flaw in its design, one that could actually exist throughout the home security industry…

How the Xfinity security system works

Like most other modern security systems, Xfinity’s home security program works by using motion sensors on windows and doors to detect when an entry is made into a home. The system will then send an alert to either the owner of the home or Xfinity’s security personnel, or both, depending on how the homeowner prefers it to be set up. However, the signal from the sensors doesn’t go directly to these alerts. First, the sensor will send a signal to a baseband hub somewhere within the home, which is essentially the home based for the entire home’s security systems. That baseband hub is then what sends the alerts out.

How it can be broken

The way that this security program works is all fine and well, but there is one major problem. That is that the sensors and the baseband hub both use radio signals to communicate with each other. Specifically, they use a 2.4 GHz radio frequency. This means that an intruder only needs to use a radio jammer, something that can easily be purchased online or from certain electronics stores, in order to disrupt this signal from transferring. Once this happens, there is actually no safeguard in the system to alert anyone that anything is happening. Even after the intruder has ceased the radar jammer, the sensor and baseband hub could take a couple hours to reestablish their connection. Once this happens, things proceed just as they had, and the system acts as if nothing had ever happened. This means that an intruder could get in and out of house without ever triggering any of Xfinity’s security system with incredible ease, should they do a little research.

Comcast’s response

Comcast, the parent company of Xfinity, has issued a statement saying that these problems are not exclusive to their security systems, and are widespread throughout the home security industry. This has yet to be confirmed, but could be likely if they also use 2.4 GHz radio signals.