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smart home security features

Smart Home Security Features

As we continue barreling into the 21st century with amazing advancements in digital technology, every industry seems to be affected by modern transitions, and the home security industry is no different.

There are tons of ways that smartphone technology can help you adapt your home security system into something that is more personal and intuitive to the way that we live now. From new locks to specialized video cameras, take a look how some of these incredible home security features can make for a smart, convenient way to keep your home and family a whole lot safer…

Smart locks

The first component to any good home security system is a locked door. Now door locks have been around for hundreds and hundreds of years, but have frequently been updated with the engineering prowess of that particular time. This brings us to the smart locks of today. These specialized locks are incredibly secure and nigh impossible to pick. On top of that, they allow you to use your smartphone to lock and unlock your door, no matter where you are in the world. This means that you will never have to worry about the door being unlocked if you forgot to lock it when you left home, or that you could grant access to other people even if you were out of town!

Wifi video cameras

The concept of a security camera is terrific, and they have true home security benefits. A matter of fact, even having a security camera on the premise will deter a would be intruder from trying to break into your home. However, accessing the footage that your camera captures can sometimes be a mundane process, and cameras haven’t allowed you to keep a steady eye on your home from the palm of your hand. That’s all different now, though, as the latest wave of security cameras have been updated to have WiFi access that connects to your smartphone, so that you can monitor your home from anywhere on the globe.

Smart door sensors

It’s a great peace of mind to be able to always know when people are entering or leaving your house. This can be a great way to know if someone is in there who shouldn’t be, or even if your kids have made it home from school if you are not there. This peace of mind is exactly what is offered by the latest and greatest smart sensors for doors and windows. Using your smartphone, you can see when any windows and doors were opened, as well as program it to tell you if someone is entering your home when you aren’t expecting it.