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security cameras for when on vacation

Keeping Your House Secure When You’re On Vacation

Is your family planning a trip this summer? Most of us take advantage of the warm summer weather, the vacation from school, and the long days by going on a family vacation.

While you’re gone, however, you want your home to be secure. Here are some suggestions for keeping your house protected when you’re away, so that you can have peace of mind and enjoy your trip!

Help from Friends

Help from friends can come in a few forms. If you’re willing to shell out a little money, you can hire a house sitter. Otherwise, reach out to a neighbor or friend and ask them to simply keep an eye on your home. You’ll want them to stop by every few days and walk through the house, collecting mail, newspapers, fliers, and perhaps watering the plants. Encourage them to be conspicuous, to take time to rest there, and make it obvious that there’s movement in and out of the house.

Mail and Newspapers

If you don’t have anyone looking after your house, ask the post office hold your mail. They can hold it for up to 30 days. Call to hold your newspaper subscription too. The biggest signal to a potential burglar is a pile of uncollected mail in the mailbox, or old papers sitting in the driveway.

Curtains, Blinds, and Lights

Curtains pose a slight conundrum while you’re away: should you leave them open or closed? Just leave them however they’d usually be. However, if you leave them open usually, think about moving valuables out of view.

Lights are another confusing thing. Lighting can be good, because no one doing shady things wants a spotlight pointing at them. However, a light that’s on 24/7 can attract as much notice as no lights whatsoever, and it can rack up your electric bill. This problem can be solved by installing motion sensor lights.

Locks and Keys

Here’s one very important note: take your hide-a-key with you. If you’re having a friend or neighbor come by to look at the house now and then, make sure you GIVE them the key, don’t just tell them where it’s hidden and then leave it under the doormat. Hide-a-keys are surprisingly easy to find, and it’s easy for someone watching your house to see where visitors find it.

Before you leave, make sure you run a thorough sweep of the locks and doors. Make sure every window is closed and secured from the inside, and that every door is deadbolted. This is a simple and seemingly obvious step, but it’s actually a very common oversight.

Make Sure Your Security System Is up to Date

Before you leave, make sure your security system and security cameras are in good repair. Double-check each one to make sure it’s functioning, and that there aren’t impediments to their view. Feel free to advertise your security system somewhere. Make the cameras obvious, and put a window cling or two in view.

Talk to us if you would like to update to a more advanced surveillance system. We’re also available for repairs of existing systems.