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home security mistakes to avoid

Common Home Security Mistakes To Avoid

Want your home to be more secure from thieves and burglars? Here are some of the biggest home security mistakes you should avoid.

Hiding a key outside

It might be convenient for you, but a thief or burglar only has to see you retrieve your key once in order to know how to break into your home. Instead of doing this, consider keeping a spare key with a trusted neighbor.

Leaving the house dark

A dark house is a major indicator to thieves and burglars that no one is home. It’s best to automate your lighting as part of your home security system to give off the appearance that someone is home.

Not making use of outdoor lights

Your porch lights and the lights surrounding your garage are there for a reason: to deter thieves and burglars from trying to creep up on your home at night. Be sure to make use of these lights at night, and consider installing motion sensors for your outdoor lighting to save on your energy bill.

Installing fake cameras

Security cameras and home security systems can be a major deterrent for thieves and burglars, and some homeowners try to save money installing fake security cameras. One thing to keep in mind about fake security cameras, however, is that thieves and burglars are becomingly increasingly skilled at distinguishing fake cameras from real ones, and many fake cameras have features that make them a dead giveaway. For example, many of these dupe cameras feature a conspicuous blinking red light to give off the appearance that someone is watching them. Real security cameras, however, tend not to have blinking red lights that are easily visible. In addition, thieves and burglars can distinguish fake security cameras by their lack of adequate wiring. The extra dangerous thing about fake security cameras is they usually signal that the rest of your home hasn’t been secured.

Not keeping up with landscaping

Keeping trees, shrubs, and bushes trimmed doesn’t just enhance your home’s curb appeal; it actually adds to your home’s overall security, as well. Thieves and burglars often use overgrown plants and shrubbery to hide while they peep into your home, so trimming these things back will help eliminate those hiding places.

Leaving boxes for expensive items outside

This happens most frequently just after Christmas. Homeowners will leave boxes for expensive TVs, mobile devices, and home appliances out on the curb for pickup. This just advertises to thieves what goods are up for grabs in your home.

Not locking the garage door

You may not realize this, but it’s incredibly easy for someone to unlock your garage door from the outside using a simple wire hanger. And if you have a habit of keeping the door that leads from the garage into your house unlocked, this makes it all to easy for thieves to break into your home. Make use of the key lock on your garage door, or secure the security release with a zip tie.