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As the front runner in Yorba Lindafor security camera installation, CCTV, security camera maintenance and repairs, and more, Dixon Security is here to help keep residents and businesses safe from law suits, burglary, vandalism, and more.

  • Affordable video surveillance systems
  • Security camera installation
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Residential security cameras
  • New security system setup
  • CCTV security cameras
  • We love answering question about security cameras for either homes or businesses.

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Yorba Linda Security Camera Installation

Business Security Cameras

  • Warehouse security cameras
  • Business video surveillance systems
  • Business security camera supplier
  • Business security camera installation and repairs
  • Wireless security cameras
  • Curious about the cost of business security cameras? We can help!

CCTV Installation Yorba Linda

CCTV Security Systems & Installation

Remote Video Monitoring

Residents and business owners in Yorba Linda come to Dixon Security for their video surveillance services. Our highly-trained expert security camera technicians are knowledgeable, fast, and can get you the answers you need. Whether it comes to security camera maintenance, new security camera consulting, or more we are here to help. One of the biggest benefits about all of our systems is the ability to have remote video access. Now you can keep an eye on what you care about no matter where you are.

Yorba Linda Security Camera Installation

Video Surveillance Systems

Business Security Cameras 

If you own a business and need security cameras in Yorba Linda than we want to talk to you! The best way to keep your business assets safe is a reliable business security system. Business security cameras can decrease your risk of vandalism, theft, unproductive employees, fraudulent lawsuits, trespassing, workers comp claims, and more. Give us a call to talk to us about our video surveillance systems. 


We understand that owning a small business can be tough. Business owners in Yorba Linda have to worry about pleasing customers, hiring and maintaining the right personnel, theft, vandals, increasing government regulations, business loans, and more. With all of these things you have to worry about we love using our security cameras to help mitigate some of the stresses that weigh on you. Good CCTV security cameras can make a real difference. Having the right security camera technology will allow you to worry a little less and get back to running your business.

Business Security

We offer a large range of business security camera services that include things like positioning, installation, after sale support, maintenance and more. Our expertise in security camera systems will take all the headache away from running your own business security camera system.

Remote Video Access

Life seems to move at 100 mile per hour sometimes and running a business is no different. Having video surveillance cameras that can move with you is extremely beneficial. Remote video access security cameras allow you to view your feed no matter where you are (provided you have an internet connection).

Maintenance & Repair

Security camera maintenance and repair can be a real pain because of how complex some security systems are. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose a problem and get it back up and running fast. We have a FLAT RATE maintenance fee program so that you know just how much your security camera repairs are going to cost. 


Camera Sales & Consulting

If you prefer to be the one installing your security cameras then we want to make it our job to make sure you get the very best security cameras. Our security camera consultants listen to your needs to make sure you get the right cameras. We understand lighting, camera angles, camera technology, features, and so on and can help you understand it too.

Surveillance Systems In Yorba Linda CA

Businesses need to protect themselves by using business security cameras. Not only do video surveillance cameras decrease liability but they also improve safety. If you need business security cameras or if it is simply time to update your video surveillance in Yorba Linda, give us a call.

Yorba Linda Hidden Security Cameras
Hidden Camera Sales & Consulting

Sometimes the best option is hidden security cameras. Having a covert way to remotely access video surveillance footage can be very beneficial. Our security camera consultants can help you know if hidden security cameras are right for you.

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