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Picking the right camera for you or your business is no easy task. There are many different options: IP Cameras, HD-SDI, TVI, CVI cameras, and Standard Analog Cameras. Each camera has it’s pros and cons, and it can be difficult to navigate the sea of security cameras alone. Dixon Security is Utah’s expert in security cameras and will work with you to help you pick the best camera for your situation.

Options to Consider


One of the most important things to consider when selecting a security camera is what features would you like it to include? From there, you will need to decide which features are necessary and which features are just nice to have. Common features include: amount of megapixels, video size, noise reduction capabilities, night vision, zoom, storage capacity, frame rate, motion sensitivity, streaming ability, etc.


Will the place you will be putting your security system have consistent lighting? Or will it vary throughout the day? Will you need something that will be able to capture video in the dark? It is important to get a camera that will work at all hours of the day and in all lighting conditions.


Depending on where you place your camera, you might need something specific. For example, if you want to place a camera in the middle of a room and get a 360 degree view, you will need to purchase a panoramic camera, rather than a camera with a traditional view.


It is important to consider wiring requirements before selecting a camera, as it can sometimes be quite difficult to route cables to some locations. Even a wireless camera will still require power, therefore wires.


Of course you need to consider your budget when you are selecting a security camera. We will help you find something that will do the job, yet stay pocketbook friendly.

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