Remote Video Access

Remote Video Surveillance

You need your cameras to be as flexible as you are, that is why we offer remote video access with our surveillance cameras.  No matter where you are — at home, work, on the go, traveling, etc. — you will be able to access your live camera feeds.  You no longer have to be in the Salt Lake Valley to see your cameras in action.  You could be almost anywhere in the world, and still check in on your home or business.  


You can tap into your feed on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Of course, you will have to be connected to wifi or have a data plan in order to access your feeds.  Some systems will even notify you if there is movement on-site. You will have amazing convenience and security by having a remote video access system installed.   Depending on your system, you can even check multiple cameras at once.  Keeping your home or business safe has never been easier. Contact us today for a FREE estimate!