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5 Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

home securitySecurity cameras aren’t only for the over-protective or overly worried. Installing a security camera system in your home can bring significant peace of mind and help to protect your assets as well. Here are 5 great reasons to consider installing security cameras in your home.

Keep tabs on your home

Of course, one advantage to having a surveillance system installed in and around your home is simply being able to keep tabs on all areas of your home, be it from the next room over, across town, or a whole continent away. With the modern conveniences of mobile technology, you can access a live stream from your security devices anytime, anywhere—just the peace of mind you need when you’re worried about a pet left at home, about an expensive boat that might be sitting in your driveway, or about a garden that you think deer might be eating from.

Monitor children

Of course, you can also use security cameras to keep tabs on your children as well. Monitor them remotely as they play in the backyard, or check in to make sure that they have gotten home from school safely while you are still at work.

Back your insurance claims

It isn’t uncommon for an insurance company to request photographic evidence of your belongings in their natural environment in your home before compensating you for losses that may have occurred due to natural disaster or theft. Security cameras allow you to prove damage and theft of your possessions. As an added bonus, some insurance companies will actually offer a small discount on insurance costs when security cameras are installed in the home.

Prevent home invasions

Sometimes a peephole simply isn’t enough to help you determine whether or not it’s a good idea to open your front door after hearing the doorbell. A security camera placed to overlook your front porch or stoop will help you get a better idea of who is waiting at your doorstep, so that you can better protect you and your family against home invasion.

Deter burglars

Of course, even the presence of security cameras alone can be enough to deter burglars and prevent a break-in. Burglars are often merely criminals of opportunity who have very little time to invest in the homes they break into. So if your home has security cameras that are visible from the front or back door, your home will appear to criminals to be more trouble than it’s worth.

34 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Install Security Cameras in Your Home

  1. You’re not kidding about the insurance claims needing photographic evidence. A friend of mine here at college had her apartment broken into, and the insurance company was all over her about proving what was stolen and that she actually did own what she told them they stole. Photo evidence is an important perk of having a home security camera installed.

  2. As mentioned above, CCTV cameras can prevent crime simply just
    by being there to recognize any suspicious activity.
    Whether used in your house, restaurant, store or office building, by recording a crime that is occurring,
    you can help vicious circle the perpetrator, and get that criminal off the
    streets, helping to trim down crime not only in your area, but in your
    city or county as well. In addition, most criminals are diffident to commit illegal activities
    if they know they are being watched or filmed, so you may
    perhaps help stop crime altogether.
    Monitor Traffic and Public Areas
    Last but not least, CCTV can be used to keep an eye on traffic, identify traffic jams and record
    car accidents. CCTV is especially constructive in hit-and-run accidents where a driver must be identified.
    CCTV cameras are also advantageous for public safety, as they become a close eye on large crowded areas, such as the airport, passageway, train station, etc., which are too big to monitor by powers that be on foot.
    With all of these beneficial recompense of CCTV, is there any doubt that you could
    do with one for yourself? Consider installing a CCTV camera organization in your
    home or business today.

  3. Thanks for pointing out specific reasons why you should get a security system with camera to monitor your home. I was already thinking about most of these reasons, with the exception of your tip that doing so can back up your insurance claims. With video documenting your claims you shouldn’t have any problem getting them approved. This just makes my husband and I want to get a good security system that much more.

  4. I thought that your post was very interesting! I hadn’t ever considered installing security cameras in my home, but you make a great argument as to why I should have some installed. One of the reasons you listed that drew my attention the most, was that I would be able to use the recorded footage to back any insurance claims that I may make in the future. While I haven’t had to file an insurance claim yet, I think that the recordings from the security cameras would be really helpful to me should I ever experience a problem in my home. I’m going to start looking for companies in my area that install security cameras right away, so that I can have evidence if I need to file a claim. Thank you for the information!

  5. My wife and I have been designing our new home. I thought about factoring the cost of getting security cameras, but I decided to do a bit of research first. I never even considered the idea that you can use them to monitor your children! Thanks for the article!

  6. Having a security camera would really help to back insurance claims. That way you would have evidence if anything ever happened to your home. We live in a pretty scary neighborhood so this might be a good choice for us. We could even have a sign outside that said we had cameras to deter burglars. How much does installing a camera cost?

    • Cost depends on the area of the country. Here in Salt Lake we charge $2500 for 5 cameras installed on a home with full 1080P cameras, an 8 channel recorder with a 4 TB hard drive, monitor, and remote access over smart phones.

  7. These are some good points that I hadn’t necessarily thought of before. I always just think of catching people breaking in or something, but I can see how it would be helpful to keep an eye on your kids too. I also liked the one about backing your insurance claims. That would be a huge plus to be able to show your insurance company evidences of events. Thanks educating me on some extra perks!

    • We sell the Arlo Cameras. They are great for certain applications. They are not so great for others. If you want mobility to watch kids and pets and don’t need a lot of storage then they are a great solution. We have also used them for some tricky places where getting wires might not be practical. The limited storage ability and the subscription plan can be an issue for many people. I have some clients that use our traditional cameras for their main system and still use Arlo cameras for other things. I do that myself. 🙂

  8. My husband and I had our home broken into last week and so we are seriously considering getting a security service. I would definitely like to use cameras to deter burglars in the future. However, I do know that some homes still get broken into even if they do have cameras. What percentage of homes that have cameras and are still robbed are able to have the burglars caught?

    • I’m sorry but I don’t know that statistic. I will tell you this however, it is easier to file claims with the insurance company when you have things on camera. Cameras also help you with things in the yard and on your property outside that are not covered by an alarm system.

  9. I would imagine with a security camera system, it would deter a would-be robber, but only if they knew a security system was in place. What would you recommend the best way to accomplish this would be?

  10. I have always tried my best to keep our home secure and safe. I had no idea that installing security cameras can help you back your insurance claim. I think that it’s great that you can provide hard evidence if your insurance needs it. Thanks,

  11. I really like the fact that they can be used to help you back insurance claims. Insurance companies are frequently tough to deal with, so it is nice when you can use hard evidence to make the claim process easier. Plus, I think that having that system can help you make a more accurate claim as well. The footage on the CCTV system can help you see everything that was taken so that you don’t have to remember everything.

  12. Security has always been one of my main concerns for my house, and I was thinking about getting a system installed to help with that. I really like that you can keep tabs on your house even when you aren’t home. It would be super nice if I could just check my phone.

  13. When we make a plan family trip after that we leave home security on cctv camera.
    Must important CCTV on everyone.
    Thanks for sharing reasons to installing security cameras in home.

  14. Security Cameras are essential need for today home security purpose to save all our precious things like family, equipments and other necessary things. I really appreciate this post for installing security cameras in your home. These are some major reasons to install security cameras in your home.

  15. That’s a good point that cameras can help you keep an eye on kids. That way you’ll be able to watch them even if you aren’t nearby. I’ll have to think about installing them as my daughter gets more mobile.

  16. This article is spot on because it talks about how video surveillance systems can make a difference with things as simple as checking on your pets. I really appreciate this article because I am a huge worrier. I know that when my wife and I install a system we will feel much better!

  17. I am glad you pointed out that security cameras can provide you with more peace of mind. If you are a worrier, it can certainly help alleviate some of your anxiety knowing that your home is being watched after. I think it is very important that you feel safe in your home. It should be the place you want to be in more than anywhere else.

  18. I have always been interested in getting security cameras installed in my house because of the many benefits that they offer. I like that they are accessible via phone apps all throughout the day and night. Like you said, that makes is so that when you are away from home you can check in on your family and children. Also, it helps to identify crimes and also deter people from committing them. Because of that, I am going to look into companies that could install some cameras in my home.

  19. My three children have been escaping from the house for about a month and yesterday I found my 5-year-old crossing the street to play with his friend. It was so useful to know that one can monitor them remotely as they play in the backyard, or check in to make sure that they have gotten home from school safely while you are still at work. I am no expert but I would imagine that this would be a great way to keep my eyes on them to keep them safe!

  20. My wife and I have been looking at getting video surveillance for our home since we would like to monitor our children when we aren’t home. It’s good to know that security cameras can also be a good burglar deterrence as well. I’ve even heard that you can qualify for insurance discounts as well on your monthly premium by installing video surveillance. Is that true?

  21. The market today that suit the needs of both small and large businesses. The growing number of businesses that install surveillance systems to monitor their operations is a testament to their effectiveness. Let’s discuss some other facts about security cameras for business to better learn about them.

  22. Really nice article. What impressed me is that unique point where you mentioned that CCTV can also be helpful in backing your insurance claims, as insurance companies need proofs. I have never imagined that CCTV can play a major role here also. Thanks for the info!

  23. My brother recently had a break in at his home and I’ve realized that if someone were to break into my home that I’m left fully vulnerable. I liked that you had mentioned that after a break in the insurance company could ask for proof before replacing any of the lost items. After the wake-up that my brother had I may just have to start looking into having CCTV cameras installed in my home to help cover me in the event that something serious is to happen.

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