02 Apr

5 Common Instances to Use Security Cameras

Security CameraEveryone has become obsessed with the idea of security, and for a good reason.  Our world is full of crime, and Utah is no different.  Property crime rates are higher here than any other crime type, so getting a security camera can be quite helpful to protect you and your business.


Many homeowners worry about the security of their homes, and you are probably no different.  Your home is your haven, you need to be able to feel safe within its walls.  A lock on the front door is no longer enough, you need to have a top-notch security system in place.  Install security cameras outside your home today — you can monitor them even from remote locations and catch any potential burglar in the act.   


Your business hosts a plethora of expensive items — from computers, printers, and even your office supplies.  Burglars and vandals know that many offices are empty overnight, and use that time to loot.  Having a security camera in a visible place can deter many would-be-burglars and keep your office safe.


Each year, over $13 billion is shoplifted from retail locations, that amounts to $25 million per day.  If you own a retail store, you need to make sure that you take every precaution to deter shoplifters. You need cameras in your retail shop to keep your merchandise safe.  Optimise your layout so that you can monitor all areas of your store at once.  Make sure you put up a sign that lets customers know that they are on camera.


Placing security cameras in schools can help keep the students safe.  Not only does it deter thieves and violence, but it can also help the administration lock down on bullying and vandalism.  Sometimes, just knowing that they are being monitored is enough to stop students from participating in illegal activity.  However, installing cameras in schools is a controversial topic.  At what point is it too expensive and an invasion of privacy to have cameras in schools?

Construction Site

Construction materials are incredibly expensive, and thieves know that they can resell them or turn them in for scrap metal for quick cash.  During the night, many construction sites are looted, especially during the installation of electrical wires. Whether you are a general manager or you are just doing renovations on your own home, you can benefit greatly by having a security cameras strategically placed around the construction site.  Make sure that during the night there is plenty of lighting to deter potential thieves.  


6 thoughts on “5 Common Instances to Use Security Cameras

  1. I think installing security cameras in or around retail stores is a great idea. I work at a mall and there are lots of shoplifters that come through. If we had security cameras I’m sure that number would decrease. In addition, it would be easier to catch the thieves if we have their faces on camera. Thanks for the great article.

  2. It makes sense that installing a security camera for a business could prevent people from stealing. Also, I would think it could even prevent employees from disobeying company rules and policies. My friend was talking about starting up a small business, so I will suggest she installs security cameras. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for putting together some tips for using security cameras. It makes sense that they can be a useful tool when running a business especially if you house a lot of expensive things like computers or printers. I would think that it can also help increase productivity since your employees would be aware of the cameras in use. I also like the idea of it deterring burglars from entering the property.

  4. I don’t think that my son’s school has security cameras on the inside of the school. However, I do know that they have cameras on the outside. I think that his school would be safer if they did have them, though, and so I think that I will suggest that they get some at the next PTA meeting.

  5. I really like that security cameras can actually can help you monitor your home. We are always locking all of the doors and windows for our house, and I was curious if we should do it. It would be nice to have eyes on our house at all times.

  6. In your article, you stated that install security cameras outside your home today — you can monitor them even from remote locations and catch any potential burglar in the act. My wife called me when she got home from shopping and noticed that someone tried to break into our home. I wonder if most security systems have cameras as part of the system.

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